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Monday, December 21, 2015

It's A Wrap For 2015!

2015 has been a fruitful year in my personal undertakings. There are countless things that I am inspired to embark on and I am satisfied that I have ticked (and attempted) several on my to-do list which I never dreamt I would!

In my humble kitchen, I shared on instagram my first chiffon cake baking adventure (using Domestic Goddess Wannabe's recipe).  4 different chiffon cakes flavor later, I am pretty sure that I have gotten the hang of baking it. Call me strange but I found the process of egg whites beaten to soft peaks simply gratifying! And yuzu flavored chiffon cake remains a personal favourite.


Then there was my successful 'Dry Mee Siam' which remains a favourite dish, my quest for 'jiu herh' (cuttlefish) that led me to making 'Rojak', the oh-so-easy-to-make-and-super-delicious 'Peach and Blueberries Melba Cake', 'Baked Tonkatsu' which is great for the health-conscious and one highly viewed recipe on the blog. Last but not least, I recently made 'Irish Cream Tiramisu' and am so pleased how it turned out because I never thought I could churn out an 'atas' tasting dessert! These recipes are not only comfort food for us at home, they are also great recipe ideas for get togethers.

On the jewelry work front, I am very grateful and thank God for His constant supply. 2015 is definitely a year for bag charms and lanyard request, which make wonderful gifts. Though not forgetting the requests for 'Adeline's Loft' trademark necklace styles that will always remain a favourite for those who appreciate them.

Here is a collage of some of my favourite pieces I have made for 2015.  Do visit my facebook page album for the full upload of all the pieces I made this year.

Last but not least, the other highlight of my 2015 would be pledging my work to The Collective Effort. I am very happy to have played my part in paying it forward and brought some smiles to the less privileged children in Singapore. You could still read my dedicated blog post on what this project is about or simply check out their Facebook page for photos of happy faces that says it all!

Here's taking the opportunity to wish my family, friends and readers :

A Very Merry Christmas with
blessings of peace, love and good health.
May you also have a fabulous 2016 with all your dreams coming true! 

Till next year, have a wonderful day!

Absolutely Me,

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