Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crepe Paper Flower Craft

I have been an avid follower of Julie from Paper Play Design on instagram for quite a while. She is a very friendly, talented paper artist who makes super-duper-awesome-pretty paper flowers. Such are the instagrammers I follow that make my day even more beautiful and inspiring every time they post a photo. Check out her recent feed!

So gorgeous, isn't it?

Needless to say, she inspired me to try my hands on making paper flowers for myself since I am quite impossible with managing real plants at home. I felt it would be most ideal to "grow" paper flowers from scratch and gather myself a nice pot of mixed flowers for home decor. And better still that it's absolutely allergen free!

Here's my very first trial flower. 

Then I got a little bit more confident and painted the petals on my second stalk. The reason why I paint them instead of getting ready made colored crepe papers is because I prefer to make it look more natural. Moreover, I cannot afford to store so many colored crepe papers in my limited crafting space! So I figured the best is to get white and I can paint whatever color I want. A little tedious but it's all worth it in the end.

Subsequently, I made a tiny bunch of flowers to brighten up my father's niche and a bigger bunch of flowers that was meant for a gift. But I was too pai-seh (embarrassed) to gift it in the end because I didn't know how my friend would react to receiving paper flowers. I think it may be a little bit odd in our Asian culture.

What would you think if you received a bouquet like this?

I spent about 6 hours over a span of 3 days to get this bouquet of flowers made.

Just a few days ago, my daughter asked me to make a a flower wreath that she can paste on her room door. (I think its just the sweetest thing she has ever asked me to make for her!) So I obliged!

I am still "growing" my flowers whenever I find the time away from jewelry work to make them. I never would have realized that making flowers would be very therapeutic and inspiring for me. So when the time comes, I hope to show a very beautiful pot of flowers that will enhance my home decor. 

If you too, are keen to try out making paper flowers, you may like to check out several tutorials I have pinned on my pinterest feed. Give it a go... maybe?

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

Absolutely Me, 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

[Recipe] Steam Herbal Prawns

Traditionally, many would identify this dish as drunken prawns. But this applies at restaurants where live prawns are being tossed in chinese wine and cooked straight away. This is certainly unthinkable when cooking at home. In my home, at least!

One of the best ways to replicate drunken prawns is by steaming. This is the easiest and fastest dish to prepare, may I add, a healthy and impressive one too! Just make sure that the prawns are really really fresh.

I've tweaked the soup base a little by adding some chicken stock, instead of just 100% chinese wine (Shaoxing wine or hua tiao chiew), so that my daughter can enjoy the soup. She's a soup fanatic!

Preparation time : 5-10 mins  |  Cooking time : 10 mins  |  Serves : 2-3

Ingredients :
- 8 to 10 medium/large fresh prawns
- 1/4 cup hua tiao chiew (or make it 1/2 cup if you are not adding chicken stock)
- 1/2 cup chicken stock (optional)
- 1 medium slice dang gui a.k.a. angelica root*
- 1/2 a tbsp of goji berries or wolfberries

*If you like a stronger herbal flavor, you can add another slice of dang gui. May get a little bitter though!

Method :
- in a small bowl, soak the angelica root and goji berries in chinese wine, so that the herbal flavor will be infused in the wine. 5 - 10 minutes would do.
- wash the prawns and trim the tip of the heads and legs.
- lay the prawns in a shallow plate, without overlapping each other.
- In a wok, bring the water to a boil, then reduce to simmer before placing the plate of prawns in.
- Pour the bowl of wine on top of the prawns, together with the chicken stock, then cover to steam for 10 minutes.
- Serve and enjoy!

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

Absolutely Me,

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shopping Online For Jewelry Gifts + Mother's Day Giveaway

These days, with the option of online shopping, it has become almost too easy to give a gift of jewelry for just about any occasion. It serves as a major time-saver for many of us, so that we can be physically present to attend to more important matters in our lives.

A customized necklace with swarovski glass pearls and silver tone heart pendant.
So if you are shopping online for a jewelry gift  and a little bit clueless in what type of jewelry gifting is suitable to your loved ones or friends, here's a round up of ideas to help you make an informed decision before you buy!

Appropriate Jewelry Gifts To A Girly Girl-Friend

A classic pair of earrings, bracelet or pendant necklace would make a nice present. If it's a shared gift with common friends, and the budget is high, by all means, get a piece of white gold jewelry! Otherwise, you may also like to consider customized handmade jewelry which is also a meaningful option because you would be part of the making process with the jewelry craft artiste.

Some classic designs handmade by yours truly!

Appropriate Jewelry Gifts To The Fashionista

A fashionista is usually dressed in trendy outfits and can pull off wearing all kinds of styles to suit her mood, each time you see her. (I certainly envy fashionistas!) This is probably the easiest person to buy jewelry gifts for because she will likely have the outfit to match whichever accessories gifted to her.

Some bold styles that a fashionista would likely enjoy wearing.

Appropriate Jewelry Gifts To A Casual Chic Girl-Friend

She is probably a down-to-earth person in simple tees and jeans OR one that hardly dresses up to impress! But that doesn't mean that jewelry would not make a difference, because it does! Gift a chic looking bracelet or bohemian style necklace to make her simple outfit look stylish instantaneously. Best of all, these are usually the most affordable ones.

If you are still totally clueless, you can always try Adeline's Loft 'Create My Style Box' which includes a few jewelry pieces in a gift box, at a fraction of my usual customized jewelry rates, which would definitely thrill the recipient. Sometimes, you really don't need to wait for an occasion to gift a jewelry. Sending a gift to tell a person you are thinking of her or maybe to congratulate her on a job promotion is a good thing as it shows how much you care about the relationship. :)


Mother's Day falls on 8th May 2016. And I have this pair of necklaces to bless a mother! Or maybe one for you and the other for your mum!

Both necklaces are made with swarovski elements.
On the left is a simple petite heart shaped teal colored crystal pendant in silver plated chain.
On the right is a glass locket pendant half-filled with a gorgeous glittering mix of pastel crystals and pearls, in silver plated chain.

This set is worth S$52.00

To win this precious set, fill in the necessary entries in the Rafflecopter widget to qualify for this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Terms & Conditions : (please read)

* This giveaway is open only to mothers residing in Singapore.
* Winners from the 2 most recent giveaways done on my blog will not qualify.
*  Missing mandatory entries will be considered void.
* No further request on the design will be entertained.
* The winner will be contacted via email after the draw has been made. If there is no response within 24 hours, I reserve the right to draw another winner.
* This giveaway ends on 14 April 2016. Winner will be announced by 15 April 2016.
* The necklace set will be sent out by standard mail.

How about customizing a handmade jewelry for your mum or mum friends to mark this special occasion?
I am taking orders for Mother's Day gift customization from now till 22nd April 2016.
Do connect with me via my FB page to discuss a design or send me an email[a]

*Mother's Day Special* 
Receive a pair of swarovski pearl earrings worth S$16.00 with every customized necklace or bracelet during this stipulated period! Please mention that your order is for Mother's Day to be entitled to this special gift.

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

Absolutely Me,


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