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I am on a blogging hiatus as I would like to focus on my jewelry craft work. Hence, I will not be taking in requests for reviews of any nature in the future. If you do have queries on my jewelry work instead, please get in touch via email : oon.adeline@gmail.com

About Me

In the beginning, I stumbled upon a local mom blogging group and was inspired to start one myself. So I blogged about my parenthood struggles and my children's growing pains. Hence the blog name, 'The Accidental Mom Blogger'. However, my children are all grown up now and I wanted to move away from parenting topics as we all agreed as a family that we would like to keep our privacy.

So even though I am keeping my blog name which may not be reflective of my current writing, I have made a slight change with a different blog title just to reflect my new blogging venture. (my old parenting related posts are still available for a good read!)

Absolutely Ade - by The Accidental Mom Blogger, where I share my handmade jewelry projects, jewelry resources, easy homecooked recipes, lifestyle pursuits and other relevant reviews that we can relate as a family.

If you are looking for a product/service review, please visit my Blog Engagements page for information and a list of my reviews I've completed thus far. From there, you would probably be able to gauge my blogging personality and what interests we have.

If you have any queries about what I do, please feel free to email me ade.loft@gmail.com.  Drop by my blog shop ADELINE'S LOFT and my facebook fan page as well for updates and impromptu promotions.

Thank you for supporting handmade!

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  1. Hi Adeline,

    Lovely blog you have here! Just wondering where you're based in Malaysia? I'm from a PR company called IN.Deed Communications and our clients sometimes have events that are for mothers like yourself. I'd like to keep you in the loop as well if you're interested. Do let me know how I can contact you via email or you can email me at sarah@indeedcommunications.com. We're based in KL but will be going to Penang soon for a mom blogger event. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

    - Sarah

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Sarah. I'm based in Singapore.


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