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I am on a blogging hiatus as I would like to focus on my jewelry craft work. Hence, I will not be taking in requests for reviews of any nature in the future. If you do have queries on my jewelry work instead, please get in touch via email : oon.adeline@gmail.com

Jewelry Resources

I have been making lifestyle jewelries since 2005 and selling ready made ones in my blog shop. However, in recent years, I've been commissioned to create jewelry pieces to cater to individual styles instead. 90% of my work are now dedicated to customization.

Here are the blog posts I've written in relation to my journey in jewelry crafting as well as some inspirational posts that I hope would be useful to aspiring craft artisans.

This is my passion. This is what handmade with love is all about.

What Makes A Successful Small Craft Business
Top 5 reasons to own handmade jewelry
Obsession with Felt
Handmade Felt Beads
5 Things To Do In a Successful Online Craft Business
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Making Wire Wrapped Ring
What Colors are Right For Your Skin Tone?
The Popularity of European Charm Bracelets
Why Handmade Costs More
8th Year Anniversary in Jewelry Crafting
Silver or Silver Plating. Which Jewelry Component Is For You?
Grateful for Crafty Fingers
2013 - Jewelry Making Journey
There's No Business, Like a Mom's Business
Gemstones I Work With
What Is My Handmade Worth?
What Goes Behind a Made-to-order Necklace
Building A Dream
From Raw Clay to Silver

I've also had a few bloggers who surprised me by writing and endorsing what I do, in their respective blog posts. Have a read and hear what they think of my work!

What an experience at Adeline's Loft
Let Your Personality Shine!

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