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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[Wordless Wednesday] - My Little Ballerina

Not many parents would agree to send their daughters for ballet lessons - or so I hear.

I had a reason. I wanted her to be aware of her body postures and perhaps, instill a little bit more grace into my little lady. (ok ok, it was actually my ambition not fulfilled lah!)

It has been six years since Megan started learning ballet and her interest in dance has not waned.

Here's sharing a short video of her grade 4 dance studies which she will be performing for her exams next week. She's the one on the left.


Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. Megan danced so well..also hoping my daughter will fulfill my ambition one day :)

  2. I was one of those who wasnt allowed to learn ballet. I learnt Jazz and Tap, but dear old Dad says: NO BALLET! cos it will make you have HUGE calves.

    On hindsight, I suspect its cos he knows his daughter isn't femininely graceful lah. So chor lor.

  3. We just watched Jordan's Primary one too! :) It's amazing to see how far they come!

  4. hur hur, I learnt ballet before but did not stick to it. :p But I agree that it does improve posture and importantly, confidence too! Megan looks really good there!

  5. Megan danced really well! Now I want to have a daughter...!


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