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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I blog. Therefore, I am.

I have been a "blogger" since 2005.

Well, not really full-fledged-wordy-kind of blogger that chronicles everything about what I do but considering that blogger.com hosts my blogshop, I am a "blogger"? Okay, not funny! Like what MummyMoo would say to me, I must have had cornflakes* for breakfast! (*and that's why I was being corny.)

Actually, I first started a photoblog for the family in the beginning of this year. You see, the family is each equipped with a camera so I thought it would be interesting to showcase our best shots in different perspectives when we go for our photo taking outings.

Just at the point when I was reaching out to contacts with my photos in Facebook, I chanced upon 'Singapore Mom Bloggers' (SMB).  It was then less than a week old group set up and led by Rachel. I didn't think for one second that I would "qualify" to be in the group and was absolutely thrilled when she accepted my self-invite! I also began to enjoy reading the mommies' blogs and how they share their motherhood journey, milestones of their children and other snippets of their lives -something I never did before. It felt great to be part of this lively group of motivated Singaporean moms and to network with them.

The Accidental Mom BloggerAs the group members grew in numbers within a short span of time, I realized I seemed to be the only one with a photoblog. I wondered to myself if I am considered a true blogger? Because there are hardly any expression of words as I was mostly using photographs to convey messages and feelings so, that was not how I perceived a blogger per se.  I felt kind of  "left out" when the group could discuss about their blog posts yet, mine was confined to visuals. Could I take a step further and tell my story with photos and plenty of words too? Am I prepared to open up part of my personal life for others to read about or would people even be interested to read what I want to say?

There was a struggle to the last question. Then it hit me! I was reminded (I think it was God) that I used to have a silly dream when I was in my late teens. To be a writer. (aiyo, now you know my darkest secret! *blush*) For what is worth, I did take up a writer's course when I was in my youth though it didn't work out for me and I never completed my course. It was a correspondent course and to follow through to it's entirety proved overwhelming for me.

When I finally decided to blog in April this year, I must admit that I did it solely to "fit in" the group. (The ladies at SMB surely has influential powers.) Or should I just say, I was bitten by the blogging bug! Hence, the name of my blog. I wanted to be selective with who can read my blog and I didn't mind that only the SMB members could glimpse into my life. I was very shy to share it with my family and friends because I wasn't sure if they would embrace my new undertaking or feel embarrassed for me on the lack of vocabulary. (and trust me, I am still trying to come out of my shell.)

As the months went by, I learned that blogging need not be about exposing every detail in my life. It is about journalizing your encounters which others can learn or be inspired from. It is about sharing my experience and perspective with matters that are close to my heart that may able me to connect with the person reading my post by the familiarity of my story. We need not express ourselves using big words because very often, the simplest of tenses can get messages across.

Blogging has become an outlet for me to express my feelings and perhaps, reach out to my children who will know more about me - as an individual, through this journal. I also intend to make this a personal challenge to keep my mind more active and improve my writing - something I had lost touch since school days.

These days, I've become a wee bit more confident being a brand new blogger in the scene. Sometimes, I take longer than usual to come out with a post so I will just take a breather and continue to write another day or sometimes abandon the topic all together. There is no right or wrong about how I blog.

I must thank the mommy bloggers at SMB - some of whom have become my "partners-in-crime" and have been very generous with information and encouragements for me to have taken a bigger leap of faith in this area. I may still be a noob in many areas but am always open to learning and improving as it comes my way.

Our SMB facebook page tag line shares that :

"where every mum has a story, and every story has a heart"

 This must be the perfect phrase to sum up why I blog.

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. I like the part which says that we do not need to expose every detail in our lives. :) It is the same for me, there is sharing and there is airing. LOL. And thank goodness no big words, otherwise, I may not be able to follow you know?!? :p

    1. Ya! There is a difference with sharing and airing. Different spelling! :p Don't worry. I won't have BIG WORDS in my blog. Maybe just BIG FONTS.

  2. Great to hear how you ventured out into blogging. Love reading your post Adeline.

    1. heehee... thanks Dom! I revealed a lot in this post. :p

  3. Hihi, yeah it's nice to hear about your story. Every story has a heart and writing from the heart is the way to go. =) So glad you took a step forward and love how you said there's no right or wrong about blogging. =) I'm your latest follower so do keep up the great writing!


    1. Thank you Summer for your encouragement! You are inspirational too! :)

  4. Thanks for being so honest & sharing about how you switched to writing! And I agree, sometimes simple is best! Write on mummy! ;)

  5. Woah! I love this! and you write very well too!! =)
    and you're definitely a way way way more senior blogger than I am! :D

  6. Ah Che!!

    You know I also love cornflakes, right? ;)


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