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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Impromptu Trip to Malacca Town

It was an unplanned road trip to Malacca.  Thanks to hub's enthusiasm to get away for a night! 
I challenged myself to take all these pics with my iphone.
Warning : drooling to be somewhat expected. :p

Pit stop and sights captured along the way.
Checked into our first stay in boutique hotel. Quaint, cosy and VERY CLEAN! Very impressive modern decor and friendly service. We will be back again to stay there the next round!
The moment we had been waiting for.... seafood feast at Portuguese Village! Yummy lala made my day. :)

Chendol dessert... die die must have!

This morning's road side dim sum breakfast before we hit the road home.


  1. Is tt sambal sotong???

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun time! Must make it a point to go back there again cos the last time I visited was when I was 15 years old!

  3. Replies
    1. go go go! definitely not jijit! no chi chak. no need geli geli. :p

  4. Whao..all the food looks so yummy. It must be a really good break for you Adeline:P

    1. the best "break" I had was when I savoured the lalas.... teehee

  5. Glad to know that the trip is (really) great! ^^.
    We kind of regretted to Port Dickson instead of Malacca. oh well, we can always come back to Malacca again;).

    1. Oh... why? wasn't Port Dickson fun at all? I've not been there. :) Yes Malacca is great for the food and shopping! woohoo!!


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