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Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Colors Are Right For Your Skin Tone?

It is a fact that buying clothes or jewelry online can be a challenge to unseasoned shoppers. Whether or not the size fit or if the color goes with your personality or skin tone, can hinder your decision to buy something that catches your eye on screen.

At Adeline's Loft, I've also received a few questions from customers who are new to me, whether the mock up jewelry with choice colored beads are suitable for their skin tones. So I've decided to compile some basic information that may help you decide when you are doing your shopping the next round.

Firstly, how do you decide your skin tone? Is it warm or cool? Refer to this chart to determine your skin tone.


Now that you've determined your skin tone, check out the next guide with suitable colors.


Re-discover yourself and make these colors work for you. Co-ordinate with the existing colors in your wardrobe and you'll be able to mix and match jewelry adornments with ease. Wear colors that make you feel energized and enhance your appearance. I guess that in the end, it really is what makes you feel confident and pretty that matters!


*** At Adeline's Loft, customizing jewelry is my specialty. Exploring different kinds of accessories or gift ideas, is also part of my customization service. Do send me a query if you have something you would like to customize and we can discuss your desired creation together. Send me an email : oon.adeline[a]gmail.com or visit my Facebook page and drop me a message from there. ***

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