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Monday, September 8, 2014

Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones With Folr

Let's face it. In this crazy world where almost everyone has a smartphone and everything else is becoming digitalized, human connections has significantly drifted. But what if modern technology is cleverly tapped on to make families feel closer, safer and assured when it comes to staying connected with our loved ones? 

Image source from Folr
Introducing Folr, a practical geo-location based tracking application that gives you real-time information about the whereabouts of people in your life that matters to you. This application is available for installation on any Apple and Android mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and unobtrusively updates you on the location of your loved ones. 

Folr is really helpful especially if you would like to keep tabs of where your children are after school or if you are anxious about your loved ones whereabouts abroad. It may also prove useful for families who are concerned about the elderly that may be suffering from mental deterioration and it aids to safely track their movements when they are out of the house. It can definitely be a peace of mind for many for various reasons present, especially when faced with times of distress.

Here's a quick look of how a basic application appears on your phone.

Images source from Folr

Anyone can easily install and benefit from this application in just 3 steps.
  •  Download application on your phone.
  • Select the person on your contact list that you wish to follow.
  • The person may reciprocate by installing the application, allow you to follow and vice versa.

Most importantly, be assured that not just anyone can add you on their list and follow you without your permission. You may also deactivate this device at anytime or set a specific schedule (day and time) when you wish to be tracked. Folr strongly believes in the good that this application can do for people thus your privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

Install and try out the FREE Folr basic application at the APPLE STORE or PLAY STORE in your mobile devices and start setting your mind at ease today!

For more information, visit their website www.folr.com or connect with them on Facebook.

You may also be interested to read an article on Folr in the Singapore Business Review.
Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer : This post is brought to you by Folr.com.

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