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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Husbands Should Spoil Their Wives

A week ago, I attended a secondary school gathering. At some point, I managed to catch up with some of the guys in the group and we chatted casually about married life.

3 of them lamented that they spoil their wives.
No.1 guy said :
By being the baddie parent. Taking charge of punishing his children when the wife asks him to.

No.2 guy said :
By doing the laundry and washing the dishes.

No.3 guy said :
By doing EVERYTHING in the house. She doesn't need to lift her fingers.
"That's good!" was my first spoken reaction to them. By their looks, my response didn't seem to go down too well with them.

So here's why I think it's really nice and really okay to spoil your wives, at least in the home front.

Number 1

When the husband takes care of disciplinary actions of the children means less wrinkles on the wife's face thus no need for botox sooner than you expect! You can save yourself some cash.

Number 2

Doing the laundry is the least a husband could help with. 

If on average, laundry is done 3 times a week :  
Out of the 7 days - which is 168 total hours, 
you spend a total of 15 minutes sorting the clothes into the washing machine, 
wait 4.5 hours with a coffee break while the clothes is in the washer and 
another 40 minutes to hang them up. What is the total time taken?
(hey! potential math problem sum question here!)

That's ONLY a total of 5 hours 41 minutes a week, as opposed to women carrying babies in their tum tum for 9 months for each child, the number of hours in labor or the pain we have to go through after C-section and the postpartum weight we have to bear. Truly I say, those hours spent at laundry, pales in comparison.

Number 3

Doing the dishes should come naturally for everyone, not only for the men. But when the men wash after yourselves at each meal, you are setting a wonderful example for the kids to follow suit. Not only will your wives will be thankful, but the next generation wives' will think their father-in-laws are awesome role models. That's killing two birds with one stone!

Number 4 

Doing everything thing else like cooking a meal, making the bed and sweeping the floor are bonuses. Does the term "score points" ring a bell?

Building and keeping a home takes 2 hands to clap. It is a responsibility between spouses, not just the wives alone.  No matter how small a chore you can takeover from your wives today, I am pretty sure she will be grateful and think the world of you. These little acts shows her and your children that you care for her and the family. It is priceless.

To the men who are already helping out with chores at home, you are doing a great job! I salute you!

For the record, my husband helps me with the laundry when he is not travelling, for which I am very grateful too! *muacks* Now, if only he will take over the cooking...

Till the next post, have a blessed week

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  1. Doing the laundry WITH the help of washing machine! Not like asking them to squat in the toilet n scrub the clothes like old time kekeke~

    1. Don't forget MUST use the cha kiak ah!! Hahah!!

    2. Cha kiak! hahah! slippery leh. Nevermind lah. $2 pair of rubber slippers also can.

  2. Wow...u're lucky to have a husband who is willing to help out. Mine is like "boss" at home & I'm the slave :(
    Which is why I have been educating my daughter to "open" her eyes big big in future & try to find a husband who is able to help her at home :P

    1. Amie... dunno why my hubs got passion for laundries leh! hahahaha! Go find out what's your hubs passion lah. If it's eating, make him cook lor. :p

    2. Daughter will tell her children to open eyes big big and find a better husband ... cycle goes on.

  3. I'm thankful that hubby helps me around the home front too and I always make it a point to acknowledge and thank him for that. Plus he often gets priased on my blog :)

    1. Susan, you are one fortunate lady! He's a definite keeper ya! :p

  4. LOL! What a fun (and funny) piece!

    Mine does the laundry AND prepares dinner these days! Although it's been the same pasta recipe for like... forever. Even Layla's asked for a change of menu, haha!

  5. I'm grateful that the hubs does and can do all the housework + cook + clean up after the kids.. just that sometimes he prefers not to do so.

  6. seems like a number of husbands are able to do the household chores these days, well, better for us (: grateful for that

  7. I think as a man its great to help out with the housework. I will say though Im not sure if woman understand a lot of things men do they that woman dont. Organise all the tech stuff fix internet, air conditiomers, microwaves washing machines cars
    Computers poll filter lawn mowers, broken doors, to be honest the list is endless. Men dont complain we just do it. So next time u nag your husband to do the dishes maybe stop and think when was the last time you put oil in the car u drive or replaced the whipper snipper battery or took the refrigerator manual and read it. Seriously ladies did your dads spoil you as well.


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