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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[Product Review] Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel + Giveaway!

I was introduced to Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel by a friend of mine. I specifically remember her telling me, that it is the most natural multi-purpose gel that is ever made - "we can even use it to soothe mouth ulcers!" I was sold. Who wouldn't like something that is natural, work in most ways imaginable and is not chemically laden? 2 years down the road and several tubes of Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel later, I am still a loyal customer.

Since childhood, I have had bouts of eczema (inflammatory of the skin) breakout and frequent rashes, especially when the weather changes drastically to hot and humid during mid-year. So there was no surprise that I recently had a rash outbreak on my left leg.

If you are familiar with topical skin conditions like these, you will probably know how badly it itches and  the itch intensifies when you are asleep. Previously, before I got to know about Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel, I have had steroid creams applied, prescribed from the doctors. Although it helped to contain the itch very quickly, I've realized it left my skin drier and left scars in the aftermath. It also didn't help that I have sensitive skin so an overdose of steroid cream application sometimes led to an outbreak of a different set of rashes. I was miserable.

When I started on Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel application in replacement of the steroid cream, the immediate soothe it rendered on my broken skin, due to scratching, was really comforting. I specially like how it absorbs into my skin quickly without the sticky residue. Knowing that it is all natural, I was not afraid to apply as and when I needed to.

Here are some photos I took of the healing process, after application of the gel on affected areas.

The Only Multi-Purpose Gel My Family Needs

I cannot emphasize enough how much Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel has made life very easy for me when we go for outings (park, zoo etc) and family vacations. It's the only effective gel that works in multiple ways : for first aid purposes (cuts, abrasions, insect bites, blisters), soothes inflammation of the skin (itch, sun burn, pimples) and we also use it as moisturizer so there's really no need to pack more than necessary!

You can read up more about Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel at the official site and see what else this amazing gel can do for you here.


Keen to try out Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel? Here's a very special giveaway for one lucky reader! 

WIN a 100ml Dr Lily's aloe vera gel (worth $19.00) + a special package of 3 mini jars with Dr Lily's aloe vera gel and random essential oil + a Dr Lily's recycle bag

All you need to do is :

1) Like my facebook page, if you haven't already done so :  https://www.facebook.com/AccidentalMomBlogger
2) Like & Share Dr Lily's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DrLilysUSA WITH this blog post link giveaway in your facebook timeline.
3) Leave a comment on this post with your name and email address as indication to the above steps being made.

The winner will be announced on my facebook page and contacted via email. We reserve the right to contact the next person on the random list if no response come through to accept the giveaway, within 24 hours after the email is sent.
*Giveaway items will be sent directly from the office of Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel *
Congratulations Linda Wong! Your name has been picked as the winner of this giveaway!

 Can't wait to get your hands on this wonder gel already?

You can also place an order right now to friends@drlilys.com, quote "Accidental Mom Blogger" to enjoy 15% discount off your total amount.  Hurry! This discount is valid for one month from date of this blog post.

*Note : There will be a $5 non-discounted flat rate courier fee, regardless of the quantity you purchase.

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

Disclaimer : The Accidental Mom Blogger received the said product as a token of appreciation and agreed to this review based on a prior positive personal experience with Dr Lily's Aloe Vera Gel. The content and photos shared here are true and best to my knowledge.


  1. My younger son is having bad rashes these few days and keeps complaining about itchiness. I have tried many different brands of moisturizer, powder, etc but still he is scratching himself. My heart pains to see him suffer. I hope to win this to try on him.
    Done all steps.
    Xgg Chan

  2. FB Name: Ace Serene
    Email: liaoserene@hotmail.com

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  3. Shirley Yong

    Thanks for introducing this gel! I should have carried this in my day bag instead of a few kinds of products that's so heavy.

  4. Hope to win this to try out on my fungal-prone, sensitive skin.

    Carol Lim

  5. Yeo Keng Seng

  6. Completed the steps. Thanks for this giveaway.

    Robert Sim

  7. done!


  8. Elyn chan

  9. Thanks for hosting this giveway. Liked and shared
    Linda Wong

  10. Jessie Lee


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