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Friday, July 25, 2014

[Product Review] Dyson Cool Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan AM08.

The weather, of late, has been very unkind. To be constantly surrounded by the hot and stagnant air is a terrible feeling, especially when we are at home. Even though we have a ceiling fan in our living room and standing fans in every bedroom in our apartment, it does not really improve the air flow quality. 

It was extremely timely for the good people at Dyson to invite me to review their bladeless pedestal fan, model AM08, just when we were thinking of upgrading to a better quality fan for our study room. This is probably the only room where we spend our afternoons together during the weekend and use our computers concurrently. I have seen and ogled at Dyson's bladeless fans at the electronics store for a long while now and it still amazes me how a bladeless fan works to deliver cool wind. A window fan without any blades is certainly the most eye-catching and interesting invention!

Assembly Of Fan

Assembling a fan should always be a simple and straightforward experience. The setting up for AM08 only consisted of  aligning the parts with arrows indicated, then "clicking" them together - the base and the loop amplifier. It didn't take us more than 10 minutes to get the fan ready to supplement our very humid home with a smooth flow of cool breeze.

Need For Speed

The average pedestal fan has limited speed settings - usually low, medium and high. The Dyson AM08 has an impressive 10 precise airflow settings!  I am pleased that we can each find a suitable fan speed to suit our preference at different times of the day.

Image captured from Dyson's website.
Here's A Little Bit Of The Technical Stuff

The Dyson bladeless fan is now 35% quieter, with streamlined airflow system. The Air Multiplier technology allows air to accelerate through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow. No blades = No choppy air.

And there it is - the very handsome Dyson pedestal fan that has found a permanent place in our study room!

Image captured from Dyson's website to show it's oscillation and tilt feature.
As you can see from our seating arrangement, you would probably be able to imagine how the previous sharing of a traditional tower fan could not serve our individual needs to keep us cool due to the limited oscillation feature. However, the Dyson's AM08 has proven to be able to channel powerful streamlined air which delivers a decent amount of wind to each of us. Better yet, this technology produces 15% less energy consumption which will definitely be kinder to our monthly electrical bill. We may not see it now but in the long run, I'm looking forward to the significant savings.

I have also heard and read about Dyson fans being rather noisy so I had to hear it for myself. In all fairness, anyone should be able to figure that the higher the speed of any kind of fan, the more power is needed to deliver the wind, hence some 'noise' will be generated. I tested the highest speed at level 10 and listened but it is nothing like any noise a traditional fan would make. In fact, the current generation of Dyson's fans are apparently up to 75% quieter across their fan range, compared to those made before. In any case, it doesn't affect us at all.

What I Like Best

Perhaps one of the most incredible feature of this fan would be it's safety feature - the absolute non-danger of someone sticking their hands into the fan. Cleaning has also been a breeze! (pun intended) Just a quick swipe along the exposed surface with a cloth or a duster would suffice. Where have you been all my life?

Our Family's Verdict : 9/10

It is a great fan and proven to be the best one we've ever known, own and enjoying - although the price tag is much steeper than others which can be the main setback when making a decision to purchase a fan. The simple, sleek and modern design will look great and fit into any part of the home and the bladeless design helps move the air around effectively. It is safe and easy to maintain - which is my personal plus point. Buyers should consider the quality and efficiency of this fan that can be hard to beat.
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

Disclaimer : The Accidental Mom Blogger was given the Dyson Cool pedestal fan, AM08 model, to be tested and reviewed. All opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.


  1. Wow Ade, you have a very nice (AND NEAT!) study!!

    1. Thanks Adora! Neat? Ok actually, not my standard of neat. hehe

  2. I had one of this fan too. It may look nice but still on the noisy side. Not worth the money.

    1. Was yours from the older generation? We have not found it "noisy" so far. Unless perhaps you are in a very quiet room, the sound maybe more prominent? :)

  3. Hi adeline; hope you are doing good. How is the air quantity (speed)? Does it really match up to the traditional fan?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello there! thanks for asking and yes I am good! So far, the fan has not disappointed the family. I actually appreciate that it has a 10 speed setting which makes a lot of difference when at least 3 of us are in the study room together. The airflow has not been choppy and quality is still as good as when it arrived in day 1. I'm also using the traditional fan in our dining area but because the weather right now is so so hot, it doesn't deliver the cool air to everyone at the same time. Much worse if you compare a traditional fan to a tower fan. I hope my input on this helps you with making a choice. :)


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