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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There's No Business, Like a Mom's Business

More than 7 years ago, I was just a simple stay-at-home-mom - attending to the day to day cleaning, washing, cooking and all the other kind of mundane work you can think of.

That is, until I found my passion. To create jewelries.

The decision to start up a blog to sell my creations took me less than a year to materialize. I have never had the notion to set up an online store to make big bucks or gain any kind of fame. I had merely wanted to showcase what I desired to do and then by selling them, it will help to sustain my hobby - think win-win for both the buyer and seller.

It was tough to sustain my little hobby business in the beginning. I was just like any other newbie jewelry making enthusiast in the market, churning out simple designs just to make a sale in the yahoo auction room. It was hardly anything unique - imagine the kind of designs that are mass produced and sold in a cheap accessory shop.

Halfway through my journey, I picked up polymer clay making skill and started to sell clay beads on a separate blog. It sold like hot cakes as I churned new and limited edition design beads every week. However, it only lasted for about a year because the fad for clay beads supply died down. So, I closed shop! Till today, I still incorporate and make my own clay beads into my designs.

I even tried my hands on sewing at one point. I was over-ambitious and wanted to be an all-rounded craft seller in the market, but it was clearly not my niche after a few that I managed to sell.

It took me a few good years to understand the true meaning behind handmade jewelries. One that can distinctively be identified as my creation and as much as possible, personalized to suit my customers' need.

This was one of my participation in an event organized by Fleatique, held at the Singapore Arts Museum in the hope of creating awareness of my handmade jewelries. I collaborated with a close friend's sister who was then selling her retro/vintage style handbags imported from the USA.

In recent years, my craft work is better recognized, amongst many working women in particular. The endorsements I've received by the word of mouth have been overwhelming. It is more than enough to keep my creativity level going as they give me the inspiration to come out with designs.

A showcase of my customized jewelries - happy in the house of their owners.
Being recognized as an inspirational woman is certainly a big pat on the back for me.
I'm contented and happy that I am able to pursue my passion for this long as I know of many jewelry crafters who have given up theirs. Truly, it is the joy of creating that has brought me this far. I guess this is my plus as a SAHM - because it helps me stay grounded and focused in all my pursuits.
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. lovely seeing how you managed to stay true to your style and juggle family life in your growing business

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thank you! It's not a smooth ride but yeah, I'm glad I stayed true too. :)

  2. oh my! i think i've seen ur polymer clay beads before! lol~~~

  3. I ask you for your autograph so long already haven't gimme yet!!


    1. Next time we meet, please bring along autograph book.

  4. u are awesome la!! got awards and all!!!

    1. Thanks Florinda! May I say, you are awesome yourself!


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