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Monday, March 18, 2013

Super Powers All Mothers Should Possess

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The role of a mother is endless. Thanks to our maternal instinct and multi-tasking skill, we do what we must and hardly expect anything in return. We fight, defend and cry alongside our children. It's a unique role that cannot be replaced.

But none of us is perfect. Mothers also face burn out situations when everything seems overwhelming and it is then that we sometimes wish we possess a supernatural power that can help us overcome our challenges.

Here at Singapore Mom Bloggers, we are no ordinary moms. We fantasize being even faster than a speeding child! More powerful than a vacuum cleaner! Able to leap big piles of laundry in a single bound! It's... it's...
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I want to have 'Healing' powers!!  If that could be coupled with telekinesis...that would be so cool - so that I can finally quote: "And also, I can crush you with my brain." 
- Regina from http://www.mummymoo.com/

I want to have the power whereby I can become transparent whenever I want to so that when I want to "eat snake", I can do it without anyone to find out. If I want to follow someone secretly, it's also not bad idea! 
- Amie from http://www.mamamiethots.com

I want teleportation power..so can save time commuting
- Dominique from http://dominiquegoh.com/

I concur with Dominique! I want to be able to go from any point A to any point B within seconds/minutes, and have the ability to bring people with me. Else no point I can zoom here zoom there but my hub and kids still need to take a transport.

- Szer Jing from http://www.thekamfamily.com/

Maybe this is not really superhero-ish but I want to be like Neo or Trinity in the Matrix. Plug and POW! No need to read and study like mad. Just plug and play can ler. Good hor? If cannot then I want to be Elastic Girl. I can be of any shape I want depending on the occasion.

- Liza from http://motherof.xander.sg/

I want to be able to freeze time, so that I can get everything done in no time.
Oh, and then also I can be forever young. 
- Mei Ring from http://www.itsybitsybits.blogspot.sg/

I'm thinking I'd make a very bad superhero because I'd like to teach a lot of evil people a lesson! Back to my housewife roots, I'm thinking "I dream of Jeanie". It would be nice to possess magical powers where I can clean and cook with a click of the finger whilst lying on the couch. Hey and I can teleport too!

- Nadia from http://itchyfingersnap.blogspot.com/

I'd have multiple MEs! So I can accomplish much more in a day, while spending time with my boy, my family, achieving at work and doing things I love at a leisure pace.

- Cheryl from http://privikids.blogspot.sg/
If I have superpower? rearrange, clean, pack the house in lightning speed!

- Jennifer from  http://www.dinomama.com
My wish for a superpower is I can eat all the desserts I want and the more I eat, the slimmer I become.

- Angeline from http://www.ourprincessdana.com/

I want the power to recharge my battery (feel like I slept HOURS) in seconds.. awesome superpower.

- Estella from http://sooddlydreamlike.com/


If YOU could have a Super Power 
to enhance your Super Mom abilities, 
what would it be?
Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. I forgot to add - Crush you like a cockroach!!

  2. Haha! Nice! If I could have a superpower, I'll wanna have something similar to Nadia's. Being able to get everything done with the snap of my fingers, while I slack somewhere in the house always cross my mind when the housework start to pile! Haha.

    Mop the floor? *snap*
    Do the laundry? *snap*
    Wash the dishes? *snap*

    With all the household chores done with the snap of fingers, so much time to play with my babies!!


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