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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

[Family Vacation] Sydney -> Blue Mountains -> Sydney

This will be my finale post! 
Yah!! It seems like eternity since we came back from our vacation... and I am still covering it in my blog posts! None too pleased with my efficiency. Pffffffpt!
SO! Anyway... in the previous post, I blogged about our tour experience at Hunter Valley. And finally, we got to stay in Sydney the next two nights!
This was the 4th day of our tour and it was supposed to be free and easy. However, since our trip didn't cover Blue Mountains, our tour leader decided to plan this route out for us (super expensive to get there at an extra AUD$120 per person... never felt so broke!) - with a special request to stop by the infamous Sydney fish market first! 
We had oysters and sashimi at 8am. Bliss!
Then we took another long bus ride to Blue Mountains just to see  'The Three Sisters'.
Breathtaking view together with some of our fellow tour mates! Weather was awesome up there!
We took the scenic cable ride across the ravines at 270m high! The coolest part of the cable was that the floor board was see through! Not for the faint hearted!
 By the time we arrived back to Sydney, it was in the late afternoon. Since it was free and easy, we walked around the shopping area where our hotel was, settled dinner with some of our tour mates (yes! we had sushi on the belt!) before settling in for the night. As it was our last night there and our next day's flight is in the early evening, we still had morning to go and explore Sydney on our own!

We left the hotel early after breakfast to visit Darling Harbor.

We walked through 'Market City' where there was a weekend flea market. It reminded me of our pasar malam here so I didn't quite bother to shop around. These days, souvenirs seem very cheesy to me.
I am personally impressed that we could cover Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussard's within 2 hours while we were at Darling Habor. Here are just some photos we took!

The aquarium is very much like our Underwater World in Sentosa - except maybe 3 times bigger!
Some 'sampat' photos we took! Love this place. Can you spot my best friend? We share the same bad hair day everyday.
And that wraps up our trip to Sydney! We do hope to be back again in the near future - next time, we will explore the place on our own.

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. i love madame tussard's. i must visit one when i get a chance.

  2. So many with bad hair how to spot?! Haha

    1. Made! haha! You cannot spot my good friend Mr Einstein? He has the worst bad hair ley.


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