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Sunday, December 30, 2012

[Family Vacation] Hunter Valley -> Sydney

This is part 3 of my travel journal! :)  So far, I've covered the first 2 days of our trip HERE and HERE.

At the last stop, we stayed over at Hunter Valley for the night. Upon our checkout the next morning, we were scheduled to head out to the vineyard for some wine tasting!

No I didn't have that much to drink! But I am glad I finished up a glass that was offered to us while we walked around the vineyard and were shown where they aged their wines. I still like dessert wine, if you have to know.
 After which, we were brought to have some cheese tasting! It's just too bad, we were all not really into cheese and couldn't really appreciate what was given to us at the table to try. And for the record, I.don't.like.blue.cheese.

Shortly after the cheesy break, we headed to the infamous Storybook Garden in Hunter Valley! The landscaping was beautiful but going there with the blaring hot noon sun deterred us from exploring much of the garden. 
Where nursery rhyme characters come to life!

No, those are not my children who came tumbling down the hill!

Snippets of the beautiful garden (and 2 lovely girls!).
We were off to a late lunch after the walk at the garden. We had MORE ang moh food... see what I mean below :

Don't get me wrong. The quality and quantity of food served were very good. But as a Singaporean Chinese, I think I cannot tahan having western cuisine everyday! And look at the dessert here... who would have thought the scoop of "vanilla ice cream" turned out to be butter! I wonder if they scooped out from the wrong tub!
After lunch, we continued our bus journey back to Sydney. It was at least a 3 hour ride! Didn't particularly enjoy this bus journey back because it was too long in quite a crampy bus without much leg room to stretch out. But one thing for sure, we were all looking forward to a sumptuous Chinese dinner in Sydney! Yes!! It was REALLY exciting!

Look at our "hungry hands" and all aimed for the roast chicken we know best! This particular day of the tour happened to be my husband's birthday and the tour leader was sooooooooo sweet to get him a birthday cake to celebrate with the group! It also happened that Nat, the other girl whom Megan had so much fun socializing with during the trip -  was also celebrating her birthday the next day so they both shared the birthday cake-cutting. So nice right? (The tour leader appears behind our family photo here, in blue tee)
After our dinner, we checked into the hotel located within the city. And since the night was still young, we decided to walk around the vicinity! However, the shops there closes early on most days so bummer... didn't get to shop at all.

There was a formal event at the museum which we walked past thus the lighted designs on the building. We also stopped a while to watch some Christmas caroling outside Queen Victoria building.

And there ends our 3rd day in this beautiful country! Stay tuned for my coming post on our 4th day tour! We headed to Blue Mountains!
Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. Hunter's valley seems like a really lovely place. I haven't been there yet and will visit the place the next time we go to Sydney.

  2. Wines..I like especially ice wine :)


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