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Friday, December 28, 2012

{Family Vacation} Port Stephens -> Hunter Valley

I'm continuing my journal on our recent family trip to Sydney.  If you were not following my previous post on our trip, the part 1 can be found HERE.

This is day 2 in Port Stephens - we visited the Australian Shark and Ray Centre where "those who want to" can be in close contact with the sea creatures! In the end, only the kids were "brave" enough to go down the waters. They got to touch and feed the fishes!  And note, there were sharks in the waters!

Proud that the kids were not afraid of the sharks and sting rays. I guess, as a parent, as long as you don't instill fear in children, they are really not afraid of anything. :)

After spending about an hour at the above centre, we proceeded to a 4WD sand dunes tour where we could try out sandboarding!  

The wind was UTTERLY strong at the sand dunes - as you could probably see from the photo.  It was so strong that our tour leader's contact lens were blown off from one of his eye! So you could imagine sand into the eyes and mouth. Yucks! I ate em' sand a lot... very crunchy. And as I observed the group, we never were so happy to get back to the bus!

Though of course, the experience was a unique one for the kids. So they enjoyed themselves!

You could imagine, we were so happy to see our 4WD bus coming over to pick us up before we all end up buried in the "sahara desert".  The anticipation of going to the next stop was one of the highlight of our trip! We went for a dolphin watch cruise!

On board the cruise, we were served buffet lunch before we headed out to sea. There's Megan with a friend she made on the trip! And you could see that we spotted wild dolphins!!

Thanks to another friend I made on the trip, who helped to take this photo of us. Love it!
 After about 1.5 hours out at sea, we continued our journey to Hunter Valley to spend the night. Hunter Valley is well known for its wine and we were very excited to be staying at a resort amidst the vine yards. By the time we arrived and settled in, it was in the late evening.

The view just outside our room. It was really nice watching the setting sun and catching glimpse of wild kangaroos roaming in the area!

There ends our 2nd official day in NSW! Time really flies when you are having fun!  

In my upcoming post, I would be sharing day 3 of our vacation. I hope you'll stick around and come drop in my blog again to see what else we did there!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. Wow, you did a lot in just one day!

  2. Yeah Cindy! But actually we spent more time travelling than enjoying time at the attractions. :) the only set back of a tour package. Otherwise it's very nicely covered.

  3. beautiful last picture. and great that you managed to take pictures of the wild dolphins! well done. i should have at least 3 cameras and iphones as well, lol.


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