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Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 Things To Do In A Successful Online Craft Business


Starting an online home craft business can be hard and it's definitely a long journey once you embark on it. I've been on this scene for many years now - 9 years to be exact. Some days, I don't quite believe that I have reached this point where I can be doing what I love and making a small income to sustain my passion. 

If you are dreaming about starting a home craft business, let me tell you that it is possible. It is NOT easy and definitely NOT something that happens with a snap of your fingers. But with patience, commitment and unrelenting passion, it can be done!

Give It Time
While it doesn't take a lot of time to set up an online store, it does take time to build yourself a success and stay committed. There is no shortcut to this.  Take in as much business advise, know your market and work towards having a thriving business. Utilize the free setup of social medias you know to get the word around about what you do. Word of mouth is usually the best tool to get your work noticed! Remember its a marathon, not a sprint.

Stick to Your Specialty
Do what you enjoy most, focus and stick to your niche. You are in for the long haul so it means whatever you make to sell, you need to be happy making it to sell. Online buyers are very discerning and when you are able to sustain their interests in what you do, you are on the right track!

Keep Learning and Exploring
Keep building your skills and explore the different possibilities to build your own personal knowledge bank. You may or may not utilize the extra skills on your craft, but it sure will help you succeed with what you can do better with your business.

Have An Approachable and Professional Online Persona
Having an online business of any sort, it is important to be personable to your clients. They come to you because you can offer something unique to them and it is probably wonderful for them to know that they are communicating directly with the person who makes them. And always, always respond to queries promptly and in a calm and professional way. These are probably what makes a customer stay loyal to you too.

Believe in Yourself
Put your heart and soul into what you love to do.  When you believe in yourself, you are already one step ahead in having a successful craft business. Sure, there are times when you can get disheartened, especially when you are not getting enough orders to sustain you through some days or weeks. But these are temporal and very much part and parcel of any businesses. Be open to changes or take the opportunity to have a short break to recharge and find back your inspiration. Just don't give up!

It is definitely a fascinating, inspiring and life-changing journey. If you have already set your mind in succeeding and know how you should go about doing it, then I think the chances of success is very high. Keep learning and experimenting in whatever you do. You will get there!

I am an independent jewelry crafter at Adeline's Loft and have been doing so from home since 2005 - something that I have been pursuing on the side while taking care of the family. It wasn't an intentional decision to start out this little hobby-cum-online-business but it didn't make sense for me to make so many pieces for myself to wear. I've written about my challenges and beliefs during my crafting journey which you may be interested to read here and here


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  1. really good tips that I think is applicable to anyone wanting to open their own business. congrats on thriving at it for 9 years!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thank you Ai! And yes, it's applicable to most who wants to start out a business. But perhaps there's still a personal touch when it comes to crafts. :)


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