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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[Review + Special Deal For My Readers] Trapped - Singapore's Leading Reality Escape Rooms

When Trapped invited me to review their reality escape rooms, I knew right away it was more for my teenage son to experience as he is an avid online gamer and would appreciate what Trapped has to offer. It was easy for him to round up a group of school friends and I chaperoned them to Trapped's first outlet at Kandahar Street. It couldn't have been more appropriate to mark the end of their mid year exams and the beginning of the school term break!

What is Trapped?

Trapped is a leading 5D reality escape room attraction in Singapore, whereby players are trapped in a themed room, tested on their puzzle solving skills while searching for clues to find the key in order to escape from the room within 60 minutes. It has a current 4.5 star rating by the TripAdvisor community.

There are 5 movie themed rooms to choose from - 

//Hunger Games : The Escape // Hansel & Gretel // - both at Kandahar Street. 
//World War 3 : Zombie Edition // Friday the 13th // Sooperdooperz (superheroes) // - at *Scape

A short briefing of the dos and don'ts, before they ventured into the room.
The youths chose "Hunger Games : The Escape" theme because they are fans of the movie and most familiar with the storyline. I was given the privilege to join them in the room, all the while observing how the game was played.

The Experience

Even though I was joining them in the room as an observer, it felt a little unnerving to enter a room not knowing what to expect, with your mind imagining the worst. Yes. You now know I can be such a wimp! Then again it is Hunger Games and not World War 3 : Zombie Edition, which I heard has better dynamics with motion sensor activated props. That should be a really challenging room to be in!

The atmosphere of the game room gave out a mysterious vibe and the youths promptly busied themselves, exploring every nook and cranny in the room that was laden with clues. Each clue was vital to find that elusive key to unlock more rooms, in search for even more clues to find the master key that would get all of us out. Be prepared to utilize every bit of your brain cells!

The rooms were curated differently and gave different vibes. I have to admit, the background music also played a big part in keeping you in a state of anxiety or frenzy for some. I shan't be a spoiler by describing the game too much. I guess you just have to be there to experience it yourself!

It wasn't as easy to solve the puzzles but with the help of 3 lifelines given in each game, it somewhat made more sense to piece the puzzles together. The best part was, watching them work together as a team, interacting and solving the puzzles together. (Make it 'super like' that they gave their smartphones a break!)

A peek into the first room as we enter.
Special thanks to the staff at Kandahar Street (we met Nur and Hendra. And thank you to Sarah for organizing this), who have very polite and cheerful dispositions. Throughout our experience there, they were very helpful and provided enough guidance to the youths so that they could complete the mission. I will definitely give them thumbs up for the pleasant service!

Here's what these 15 year old players had to say about the game :

Hmmm, very much in unison about what they think! I guess that just about sums up why you should try out Trapped, especially since the school term break is just less than a week away. You can enjoy the games with your friends and family, suitable for most ages. (But just a caution, do ensure that the younger ones aren't afraid of the darkness.)

Here are their current promotional game rates as I know it :

Off peak period: $22/pax (Monday to Friday before 6pm)

Peak period: : $24/pax (Monday to Friday after 6pm, weekends & PH)

Student price: $18/pax (Monday to Friday before 6pm, students below 21 years old)

****** Special Deal For My Readers! ******

Receive One FREE ticket worth $24 
with a minimum of 5 players in a game! 

 To enjoy the free ticket, quote "ADEOON" at the counter when you arrive for your game.
(or just take a screen shot of this paragraph and show) 

Remember to make a pre-booking online or call the respective outlets directly to enjoy this special. Payment is done at the outlet itself so don't worry about the indicated total amount shown on screen. 
The code is valid from 1st June 2015 to 30th June 2015.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Valid to be used at both SCAPE and Kandahar Outlet
  • Valid to be used during both off peak and peak period
  • Min of 5 persons is required to redeem one complimentary pass (4 paying + 1 complimentary)
  • Complimentary pass cannot be combined with another complimentary pass to be used in the same session
  • Complimentary pass can only be utilized once
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

1st Outlet
Kampung Glam Shop Houses,
42 Kandahar Street,
S198896 (Near Arab St)
Email: enquiry@trapped.sg
Tel: +65-6292-2177

 2nd Outlet
2 Orchard Link, #02-20/21/22,
Email: enquiry@trapped.sg
Tel: +65-66369722

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer : The Accidental Mom Blogger was invited to review Trapped and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  No monetary compensation was made.

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