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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Derby Hat and A Fascinator

I love to DIY as many things as I possibly can. I love to enhance essentials that may be bought in a very basic form or use my imagination and resources to create something from scratch, whenever possible. Basically, I just love to work with my hands (and make full use of the creative side of my brain). 

Recently, my DIY skill was put to the test when a close friend confided that she has to dress up for an event and for a specific derby theme. If you don't know yet, I love going beyond my boundaries when it comes to creating. Looking for a derby hat online was probably the easiest way out. The thing was, having it shipped in would take forever. By the time it arrives, the event would have been long over.

So, it was decided that I could come up with a fascinator since we all had no clue where to find those big hats in Singapore. Even if we were to find it, we figured it would probably be pretty costly. Very fortunately for me (or for my friend!), while I was out on my quest to get suitable materials to make the fascinator, I chanced upon this big plain hat! Oh, if only you can imagine the glee I had on my face and in my heart at that moment! I was reeling with excitement with the vision I had on the end product.

I found this plain hat at Bugis Village for only S$14.90.
When I got home, all I could think of was feathers, feathers, feathers. "But no birds on my hat! Lest they poop!", she said.

You see, I bought a whole lot of it at People's Park Complex, where a lot of my favourite craft stores are located in a single building. I had a vision to make it a classy hat and the feathers came into mind.

A big flower on the hat was also requested and I remembered that I've some unused artificial ones. These 2 flower combination came together and were perfect for the hat. The flowers, alongside a strand of big white acrylic pearls to go around the hat, made it exceptionally classy and elegant. And yes. I didn't forget em' feathers! The addition of the purple feathers gave the overall style an oomph.

If you can't tell just yet. I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

So, what do I do with the exaggerated "ton" of feathers I bought? I decided to make her a fascinator anyway so that she may have a choice of what to use at the day of her event.

Viola! The feathers put together with glue and secured with a felt base. Enhanced with a faux peacock style feather piece, which is actually an iron on piece. The metal hair clip was sewn on.

I'm very happy that I've unlocked another creativity level and that I managed to deliver an expectation. I hope that my friend will have a blast dressing up for the event.

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Till the next post, have a wonderful day.

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