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Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrating My 8th Year Creating Jewelries + GIVEAWAY!

I'm not a certified jeweller. Neither do I have any qualifications on jewelry making. Making jewelries is not a job that I do. It is something I love and has become a part of my life. I truly enjoy the hours I put into every single piece of a creation. Though it frustrates me from time to time if I don't get it right, it doesn't deter me from wanting to make it right! I'm generally not a perfectionist in many areas in my life but jewelry making knows no short cut.

If you ask me about the one thing that makes a successful online blog store, it is none other than PASSION. The only key ingredient you need to keep going in any undertaking.

It has been exactly 8 years, since I've started my creative journey in March 2005. Sometimes when I look back at before I started this hobby-cum-work, I am astounded because I never thought that little spark of interest in jewelry making would have me come so far. I am much appreciative for all the opportunities given to me - big or small. To be able to create a piece of jewelry to the liking of my clients is my ultimate goal and satisfaction.

Recently, I had an opportunity to make some very unique pieces which were spurred after discussing with a customer who wanted "chunk and something different" in her custom jewelry. So I decided to push for a totally different style and challenged myself to accomplish the ideas I had in my mind. The end result was well received and it motivated me to explore making more of it, which is also an add-on to the variety of styles in my current handmade collection.

These are felt-based pieces which have glass jewels sewn on. Though it takes almost triple my time to get each piece made, as it requires stitching, the satisfaction that I derive from it is also triples!

Where east meets west, in this cuff bracelet design.

This piece is Peranakan color inspired.

Now, here's your chance to own my latest felt piece creation!

This casual style large felt-based teardrop pendant necklace is put together with dark purple hue tone glass beads. A lilac tone Japan rose bead sits in the middle, with brass tone leaf shaped charms for added depth on the design. A biege tone fabric cord completes the necklace.

The felt is double-layered, sewn together to hold the shape. The beads are also delicately hand-sewn on the felt fabric. The pendant is approximately 2.5" long. Perfect for your v-neck or collar tops! This piece is worth S$34.00.

To take part in this giveaway, simply follow the steps stated in the widget below. The winner will be randomly selected, announced on this blog post and contacted via email. Should there be no response from the winner within 24 hours, I will do a re-draw. 

This giveaway is only open to residents in Singapore.
Last date of entry : 24 March 2014

*Most importantly, remember to leave a comment on this post, your name and email address to qualify for the draw.*

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I have a simple brown linen dress which I think would go very well with the rose pendent.
    My email addy here: chubbyanecdotes@gmail.com

  2. Thanks for the giveaway. This will go well with a plain white tunic too :)

  3. I think it will go quite well with I pair it up with bohemian style of clothing :)
    Email: amycpj@gmail.com

  4. Congrats on reaching your 8th year! :) I love your work and these bib necklaces look divine!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. I would wear this with my chiffom top and shorts.

    Shirley Yong

  6. Thanks for the lovely giveaway and congrats to your 8th year! Keep going!

    This necklace is really gorgeous and i really hope to be the lucky winner for it. It will goes well with all my tops and is THE necklace!



  7. 8yrs is a big milestone. Congrats! This would go lovely with my white tunic and denim capris for some glam chic casual.


  8. I will wear a simple black dress with the rose pendant, thanks :-)

    Kaye Wong (kayetky@gmail.com)

  9. Congrats and thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

    I will wear this necklace with my favourite cream peach knee-length dress ..

    Michele Ong, gohonglay@yahoo.com.sg

  10. Congrats! Nice & unique necklace which can perk up casual clothings :D
    Teo KiaLi

  11. bohemian clothing! -Al
    Email: littledetour@hotmail.com

  12. I will dress it up with a white/ red top paired with jeans!
    Cynthia Lau


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