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Friday, June 21, 2013

Homemade Strawberry Sorbet in 10 Minutes

After acquiring the latest food processor, I just had to get down to make SORBET!!


You read it correct.

- 3 cups of strawberries
- 1/2 cup of caster sugar (or a little bit more if the strawberries are too sour)
- 2/3 cup of cooking cream 

After placing the strawberries and sugar together into the mixer bowl, blend them together while adding the cream gradually into the bowl through the top opening.

In less than 2 minutes, it was done!

I chose not to blend it too finely as I think it will be nice to chew some strawberry bits in the ice cream.

The ice cream mixture was left in the freezer and best eaten after leaving it to set overnight. This portion I made serves about 10 scoops.

A little tip when buying strawberries

The first batch of this ice cream was made with strawberries from Korea. Maybe because it is not in season, I only managed to get those that were not fully red in color. So the first batch turned out a little too sourish and tasted more like yoghurt. Though we actually didn't mind much because we are yoghurt fans.

For the second batch, I bought deep red strawberries from USA and it turned out more to the texture of ice cream than the first batch I made. Though seriously, it can pass off like sorbet too! The strawberries itself was naturally sweet already so I kept the sugar dosage the same at 1/2 the cup. It was perfect to our liking!

   Try it!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. looks yummy! especially in this hot hazy weather. Would be lovely to taste it :p

  2. Going to make this soon since DinoBoy just request for it =)


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