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Thursday, June 20, 2013

[Entrepreneurial Mama Series] Get to Know Pauline Wong

I got to communicate with Pauline Wong on personal level - one of the maestro behind Munch Minstry - when I joined the Singapore Mom Bloggers group last year.  Pauline has been one of my motivating factor to cook better for my family and has sub-consciously pushed me to be more explorative in my own kitchen.

Pauline has never ceased to awe me with her wide range of cooking skill and I take my hats off to her especially when she stays up late to bake artisan bread for breakfast and wakes up early in the morning to prepare bento boxes for her children!  Now this is one dedicated mama for sure. Aren't her children just so lucky to have a skillful mom in the kitchen?

Thank you Pauline, for gracing this interview on my blog. Here's wishing you and your work partner, Louisa, all the very best in moving forward with Munch Ministry!


When and how did Munch Ministry came about?

It all began with my craze over the HappyCall Pan in September 2011. The joy & love for cooking daily meals also began since then. That time I was an active sharer in a facebook food group and eventually my enthusiasm rubbed off on Louisa who was in my FB contact list. We knew each other through work during the years I was in the advertising media industry. 

Together we formed Munch Ministry as a platform for all enthusiastic home cooks to gather & share their passion in cooking with each other.

Did you face any challenges while setting up Munch Ministry?

The initial challenge was to decide to set aside a sum of money to get a website started. The other hurdle was to put up all recipes (over 100 recipes) shared by the members of Munch Ministry onto a proper holding place i.e. a website so that everyone has a common and easy way of sharing & accessing all the recipes shared.
Maintaining an active social media group is still a challenge to us as it does really take up a lot of our time. Providing members with interesting information/activities to keep them engaged is another daily challenge we face.

But I must say, running Munch Ministry has taught me loads that I wouldn’t have imagined I would. Especially in areas about online marketing, social media engagement and all. We are still learning day-by-day, discovering loads about the psyche of members, what works, what don’t. I just find it fascinating and really fun!
You have an impressive fan base of more than 15,000 in your Facebook page! What do you think drew in the crowd?

We were honestly very blessed in the year of 2012. Our enthusiasm in the HappyCall Pan has gotten the attention of a Straits Times journalist who incidentally was also a contact in my FB list. She approached us and asked if we would like to be interviewed. Since then, we’ve received coverage by Yahoo News! and Razor TV within the same year. The rest as they say, is history.

 After all the dust has settled from all the media attention, we continued our hard work to make sure we post daily in our Facebook page and website. Keeping up with new content about food, cooking, baking, I believe is another factor that keep the community interested.
What do you enjoy the most about Munch Ministry?

I love to cook and bake as it’s a continuous learning journey. Being able to share what I’ve learned and inspire the people around me are the things that keep me going.

 How do you manage your time with family and work demands?

Putting in more than 12hours a day in Munch Ministry is indeed not an easy task. I try to keep a routine in what I need to do especially on a daily basis.

With a child in formal school and another who will be entering P1 soon, I’ve learned to work around the limited time I have during the kids being in school, and while they are sleeping to keep up with the household chores and work demands.
Above all, I have a very supportive husband who is very hands-on in managing the children. So his help does free me to do what I need to do from time-to-time.
Work aside, tell us what are the 3 ingredients that is a must have in your fridge?

Wow 3 must have ingredients… I’d say it’s egg, leafy vegetables and chicken. These are the must haves and with just these 3 ingredients I can most definitely whip up a meal!

 Any inspiring words for someone who is keen to venture into the kitchen to cook?

 Be fearless and experiment!

Here are more links to where you can find out about Munch Ministry!

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• Photos of classes (recent ones with Singapore Mom Bloggers)

Upcoming events

Look out for our new classes such as Parent/Child baking class, Korean Cuisines, Artisan Bread Classes in June onwards at the Civil Service Club. Announcements will be up in Munch Ministry’s website and Facebook Like Page!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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