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Monday, April 22, 2013

Creating Swirl Design on Polymer Clay Beads

I still have many customers who don't have a clue how a clay bead designed with pattern is derived. Most have the notion that it is hand painted.

This is my third post on how I make polymer clay bead related craft. You may wish to visit this link for all the previous polymer clay posts to which you will better understand how this latest post comes about. 

How a lentil shaped bead is achieved with swirl designs

As with making all my clay beads, a clay cane design needs to be derived first. Here, I have used this laced design clay cane so that you will be able to see the swirl effects clearly after the bead is completed.

The laced clay cane is thinly sliced and placed around the sides of the round clay ball, leaving the top and bottom sides of the sphere bare.

As this technique requires both of my hands to work it into shape, I've asked my daughter to help me take a short video so that you can see the transformation from scratch. A flat glass piece is used here, keeping it parallel with my work board and constantly rotating it in a anti-clockwise (or clockwise) motion, focusing on one point. This will ensure that the swirl design can spread evenly on the end product. The longer it is being rotated, the bigger the swirls will be.

The end bead product.

And incorporating these beads, after baking, as focals on a necklace creation.

  I hope you can see why I love the versatile nature of working with clay. You could make just about anything you imagine with it and in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. very pretty! =) You must have very strong wrists too! Really take my hat off you and your jewellery creations! Thanks for linking up!


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