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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Kids make dough and moms make merry!

A few of us from SMB took the opportunity to gather (read : spill over from online bantering) while our children went for a pizza making workshop at Modesto's yesterday. The children had a blast!
In their chef gear and ready to be pizza maker for the day! I hope my 2 children did entertain Z for a bit.
Pizza making! Oh what a mess they made and I'm happy we needn't clean up!! :p
Special shots of Jennifer's cute little professor son as I would describe him and Mei Ring's sweetie pie. :)
Little professor Z addressed me as "che che Adeline". :p He already knows his ways around ladies...
All the little chefs! Well... not all.

Posing for a shot before tucking in! Coincidentally, they are schoolmates!

Enjoying their pizza! mmm..mmm..mmm...
Group pic! The server got chided for taking a full length photo at first. hahaha!

Last but not least, we had some giggly girly time (I don't know how we could do it while talking about *ahem* serious mommy issues) and shared our favorite meal - desserts! Happy birthday in advance, Regina!  You look super radiant in this photo... it's time you share your secret!

 Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. HAHAHHA~~~ My naughty boy "slithered" in to take photo uninvited! TSK! Pls thanks ur kids for bearing with his nonsense :)

    Had a great time ytd, we MUST gather more often OFFLINE :D

    Adeline, u forgot, Regina ish-zee Tai Tai so she is born with radiance overflowing fm her kekeke~

    1. Your boy is too cute lah! :)
      Born with radiance also must have SOME secret she's hiding...heehee

    2. Inborn how to share secrets? means she show it effortlessly wor~

    3. Means she has to tell us how she can do it so effortlessly...


    Super radiant? Looks photoshopped to me :D

    Thank you again - it was so much fun!

    1. hahahha! I didn't want to add the Doreen part. :p Yes lah super radiant. Didn't photo shop you... I just enhanced the photo with a "soft" look. :)) Yes I enjoyed myself too! It's really nice.

    2. ya lah super happy right? Got called Che-Che by a 6yr old :P

    3. hahaha ya I'm very amused!! Well, kids don't lie. *flicks hair*

    4. I wanna pukez but the words are coming from my son's mouth I say he's got the eye to recognize a beauty :D

  3. such lovely pics! didn't know they had such an activity there haha.. happy bday in advance to Regina too :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thank you Ai! And welcome back to Singapore! :)

    2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Ai! :)

  4. Hi Adeline,

    This is Ramona, hostess of Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! I am visiting from Regina's blog, where she highligted you as her Featured Friend this week! I am SO delighted to meet you! The Singapore Mom's Blogger group sounds like so much fun - and it looks like it too, judging from your photos! :-)

    In addition to Friendship Friday, I host Inspire Me Monday (a place to share your inspirations and creative posts) and Wordless Wednesday (a place to share your favorite photos). I'd like to cordially invite you to stop by and join my creative community!

    Have a wonderful week and I SO look forward to getting to konw you at:

    Create With Joy

  5. Thanks for stopping by Romona! I look forward to join in your community! :) See ya around!


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