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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making the right choices for my children

When Brandon was in P1, we enrolled him for taekwondo lessons at the community club. Apart from exposing him to be more active in sport, we secretly wanted him to know physical defensive skills.

Over time, we got tired with the routine of sending him for his weekly lesson.  But we persevered for his sake. Watching him in the arena and giving his all made me proud somehow and more so when he got through his grades smoothly for almost 3 years when he decided it was enough. He already earned himself a brown belt. Just 2 more and he would have gotten a black one! However, I personally don't believe in forcing the boy if he has lost interest in the activity because he will not be at his best. So TEHHHHH.... (buzzer), it was not the right sport for him. An experience? Sure it was. Useful? Hope so. Foresight? Maybe not.

~ The photo on the right was taken when Brandon was 8 years old ~

As for Megan, well, it was always my dream to dress my little girl in tutu so I sign her for ballet class. But mainly I wanted her to build up on posture and self confidence. So when she was in K2, I enrolled her in ballet, also at the community club. It was all fun and play at first. Until she was training for her 3rd grade and the teacher noticed her disinterest because the steps got more difficult. It is crucial to dance in proper postures all the time. After much encouragement from us, I'm so glad that she has continued and has moved on to grade 4. 

~ Photo above taken when Megan was in grade 1. Below is photo taken when she was at grade 3. She is now in grade 4. ~

Many parents I've met wonder if ballet is a waste of time. As long as she has the passion for performing arts, I will support it. I have also found out that a decent dance background would help if she enrolls into a secondary school with a dance niche program. So I choose to think that it is foresight.

Two children. Two different paths. I make right choices and sometimes none.  As long as we keep our faith, encourage them to do their best, they will be their best.

I totally love them to bits - whatever their choices in life may be and as parents, we will help them achieve their goals and dreams wherever we can.


  1. TKD is good! Coz it will help when the boy goes to NS later. At least tts what hubby say. We will be enrolling our monster next year.

  2. My Mum enrolled me in dance class from the time I was 4 years old. Jazz and Tap Dance, because Daddy-o refused to let me learn ballet for fear of huge calves :D

    I loved every minute of it. Every single dance session. I looked forward to Saturdays because I have Art Class in the morning and Dance in the afternoon!

    Seriously though - I think dance classes are so beneficial for girls because they are not only an ECA per se, but they also cultivate good posture and grace. So important in a woman.

  3. Yes TKD is good! but we realize that my boy is not so the outdoorsy type. So we've recently signed him up for rifle shooting sport which he seems to be excelling in. :) So hope for the best that he found his niche!

  4. Regina, totally agree with you... ultimately its the posture and poise that she should possess... :) no wonder you have all those qualities.

  5. no choice wor coz in the army u need to learn TKD. BUT dunno by his time will need or not kekeke~


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