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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Current Obsession with Felt

This is for sale HERE
If you follow me on instagram or Adeline's Loft facebook page, you would probably notice a flood of photos on felt creations that I have been making recently. Somehow, I feel that working with felt has allowed me to explore and unleash my truest-to-the-true creative juices... in an artistic kind of way. Truth be told, I find that it gives me immense gratification when I see my ideas come to life. And I can't seem to stop making them for now!

This is for sale HERE

Felt, if you look around at craft shops, is not an expensive material to work with. Having made quite a number of felt creations already, apart from getting sparked with ideas, I think the only factor that I will attribute to it's "complexity" in completing a piece is the time I spend on each creation. Hence, it also explains why it may cost a little more. These days, I need to draw out my ideas and see if it is a feasible design to work. Thereafter, I would need to draw a template of the designs before I cut the shapes out from the felt. I just love the flexibility of creating a shape (any shape!) out of a plain material and thereafter adorning it with beads to make it different from the norm.

This is for sale HERE
Apart from the drawing and cutting of material, the step that takes up the most time would be putting the pieces of felt together and lovingly hand stitched. Each completed creation is bound by 2 pieces (front and back), double stitched on the edges so that it can hold up the shape nicely and not just a floppy single piece of felt. In the case of this birdie pendant necklace above, it is stuffed with cotton wool for a three dimensional finish.

This is for sale HERE

Wearing a felt based jewelry is all about having fun while sprucing up your outfits, in a very artistic kind of way. It can be bold like the red one above, which is truly a stunning piece I have ever made. (Yes, I love it very much actually!) Or even sweet subtler pieces like this patchwork style bib necklace I have recently been commissioned to make :

This is NOT for sale. However, you can commission a similar style from me.
I am still very excited about what else I can do with felt and am very sure you will see more designs very soon. If you are inspired by my work and perhaps considering a custom made jewelry anytime soon, do drop me a message and follow me on my facebook page for updates too!

If you like any of the felt pieces you see on this post that is for sale at my facebook page, you will be happy to know that I am offering a very special one time 10% discount off the published price. Only while it lasts! And remember that these are all one-of-a-kind creations so there will never be one that will look entirely the same in the world.

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

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