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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jewelry Crafting with Handmade Felt Beads

Last year, I started working with felt materials, incorporating them into my jewelry creations. I was very pleased with the end product of the several custom made pieces. Though it took so much more time to complete, it was certainly gratifying to see a vision in my head coming to life.
These are the few pieces I had created, working with felt based material.
 Recently, I began to dabble with felt again. But this time, I made the felt beads from scratch. Using the wet felting method. If you are interested, here is one of the many tutorials I have come across and picked up tips from.

These are some of the plain felt beads I had made.
And these are some of the creations I've made recently, using my own handmade felt beads.

A bag charm I made for myself, with purple felt ball and mixed media components.

A customized order that came through when I showcased my completed felt beads. With matching swarovski crystals.

This pair is currently for sale HERE
Remember seeing the plain felt beads at the top part of this post? Well, I decided that plain is just too boring so I got down to sew some simple designs on it! Sewing on these beads took a lot of my time so you can say this is a very labor intensive jewelry. I spent at least 30-45 minutes on each one. Here's my end product.

And what did I do with these beads? I made a piece of jewelry art. Something that I've always challenged myself to do and showcase that the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating!

Wired together with folded leaf shape blue felt fabric cuttings, white riverstone beads sewn on each "leaf" for added weight. Strung together with black lava textured stones and held by suede strand.

A close up of the necklace.
I am truly filled with satisfaction upon the completion of this piece which I had worked on the past few days, piecing the ideas in my head together and making sure the design would work. I have not priced this piece of art yet and I am not so sure if I will be selling it or keep it as part of my personal collection. (Latest update : it's sold!!) Perhaps you may like to customized something to your preference? Just drop me an email!

It would certainly help me, to know what you think of such designs? Would you be game to wear something artistic like this? Would you like to see more of such unique piece of jewelry at Adeline's Loft? Your thoughts are much appreciated!

I am an independent jewelry crafter at Adeline's Loft and have been doing so from home since 2005 - something that I have been pursuing on the side while taking care of the family. Do drop by my facebook page and give me a 'like' to show your support for handmade craft! Thank you!


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  1. it's really beautiful.. I love the intricate details you add on each felt ball :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I have yet to try making my own felted beads! Lovely jewellery you have made!


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