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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Making Wire Wrapped Ring

There are many variations to wire wrapped rings and plenty of tutorials online, if you are in a search to learn the craft. The first time I experimented with this styled ring was probably more than 6 years ago and quite a few pieces of these wire wrapped rings were sold. There wasn't a strong desire to take a step further with wire wrapped rings because getting the ring size incorrectly measured and then incorrectly made was a huge inconvenience to both client and myself. So making rings has never been in my cards for many years now.

I got a little bit excited when a client asked me if it was possible to make a ring with a particular bead that she liked. So I took on the order because I wanted to relive the wire-wrapping experience again. And I'm so glad that I have not lost that touch!

The above photo shows the required components to make this ring. 

1) A ring mandrel - this particular wooden one I have is actually just a tool to measure a physical ring size. But I also use it to help me with wire-wrapping.
2) Wire - I use a 22 gauge wire for this ring, which is also the preferred gauge for most beading crafts. I learned through experience that it is important to use the correct gauge (width of the wire) and hardness for different kind of wiring projects. 
3) Choice beads.

I took some pictures to show the making process. Hopefully you can appreciate the time and workmanship that goes into making a wire-wrapped ring.

First of all, the selected beads are threaded into a wire and shown to my client, to give a rough idea of how the beads are arranged for the ring.

Then, with the given ring size, the wire is coiled around the mandrel a few times before the wrapping process to secure the size begins. As shown in the picture below. It can get a little tricky when the beads start to "run" about along the wire so it pays to keep a firm grip on the wire all the time.

This is the process of the coiling to cover the base of the ring. It helps to keep the ring in shape and also, gives comfort to the person wearing it.

And there you have it, a completed wire-wrapped ring.

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