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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[Recipe] Wholesome Potato Leek Bisque

First of all, I need to share the difference between leeks and scallions. They are both from the same family, just that leeks are generally larger and probably has a milder flavor.   So whether it is you are using either one for this recipe, it will work just fine! *wink*

Another confession (I have a lot of confessions in my blog)... this is my maiden ang moh soup and my very first blender. No kidding! Usually, my ang moh soups comes straight out from a can but this one...*pats on own back* I did it from scratch!  All thanks to the Philips Jamie Oliver blender that was recently acquired that made me more adventurous in my home cooking!

So anyway, back to the potato leek bisque. Well, I am really pleased it turned out rather tasty despite me tweaking on the recipes that I saw online. That's me! When I have to refer to recipes, I would usually adapt to it rather then follow it through 100%.  If you are a potato person, you would appreciate this soup more - my husband and son did! Not so much for my daughter who has discerning tastes!


3 stalks of leeks/scallions (use only the bottom half where the whites and light greens are)
5 small sized potatoes, skinned and cut to smaller pieces so that it cooks faster
1 cup of milk (fresh or low fat milk)
1 chicken cube stock
1/2 the lemon for juice
3 cups water
pepper to taste

Cooking steps :

Heat up 1 tablespoon of cooking oil (or olive oil) in your pot and stir fry the leeks till soft and fragrant. Add in the potatoes, milk, chicken cube and water. Allow it to simmer (not boil) and stir occasionally till the potatoes are tender.  This takes about 20-30 minutes. Squeeze in the halved lemon juice when it's about done.

I allowed the ingredients in the pot to cool for a bit before I poured into the blender.

The ingredients were well blended together within a minute!


I know, I know. I didn't meet the "15 minute" mark like Jamie Oliver! but that's because most time were spent on watching the fire while cooking the potatoes in the pot. Besides, I also spent a few minutes preparing the bacon bits which I used it as topping in the soup instead of the usual croutons.


Passed! with flying colors! For my first attempt at making a creamy soup.


As this is my very first blender, I would say that it has worked well for me. I am impressed with the quality glass jar and the 5 star serrated blades. It's just a simple blender but with it's powerful 600W motor, it has once again, speed up preparation time which is what Jamie Oliver's latest kitchen tool range is all about.
  Keep life simple with the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver range which includes a food processor (S$268), blender (S$128) and hand blender (S$108).
Available at leading electronics and departmental stores.
For more information on the Jamie Oliver range, please visit this link : http://www.philips.com.sg/c/food-preparation/319663/cat/
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

Disclaimer : The Accidental Mom Blogger received the Philips Jamie Oliver food processor for review purposes only. I am in no way affiliated to this company and opinions about the product are purely my own.

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