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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sure! I'd Love A Mother's Day Gift!

Mother's Day - overrated or understated?

Whichever it is, I think, Mother's Day should be declared an official off day for all mothers around the world. Where the men are sent on a "daddies day" event at the zoo with the kids for just a day whereas the mamas come out to play! You'll see the mamas throng the malls with no screaming kids nor bored husbands hanging out at the coffee joint. All the restaurants will be packed with the ladies who can have a proper uninterrupted meal, drowned with squeals and laughter! Ohhhhh.... the retail shops would so love us.

In reality for me, Mother's Day has always been about gathering for meals - one for my mom and another for my mother-in-law. It's nothing fanciful but it's more of acknowledging our moms that we love and honor them. I'm pretty sure that they are both just happy to see their children and grand-children gathered together for a meal on such an occasion.

Just in case the hubs is reading this and thinking of getting me a gift, here's some ideas for you darlinnnnng...

No thanks to flowers.
I think, just like Valentine's Day, flowers are ridiculously priced. But I welcome flowers any other day.

No to a pedicure or manicure treat.
Because I don't like strangers to touch my toes and having a manicure is wasteful because I know my nails will get chipped the next minute.

No to any kitchenware.
Replacing my worn out kitchenware doesn't make me feel very loved.

Yes to practical things.
Bags, shoes, shopping vouchers are all practical things to me.

Yes to a day out with my girlfriends!
See, it's not only the tangible things that would make me happy.

How about you? What kinds of gifts would make you tick?

Wishing all the moms in the world to be bestowed with the super powers you so rightly deserve!

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Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. Last point sounds great to me :)

    Happy Mardder's Day in advance, Ah Che!

    1. Happy Mudder's Day to you too.... err... Ah Muay?

    2. Do I look like porridge to you?!!

  2. For my Mother's Day gift, I went to the malls bought a bag and sun glasses, and told hubby that I've charged it to his account. I think I just saved him a headache on what to get me. Happy Mother's Day in advance to you too.

  3. Happy Mother's Day in advance! :)
    I'm too busy preparing for my girl's birthday which happens to fall on Mother's Day this year to think about it haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka


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