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Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Exclusive Morning with Munch Ministry

As part of our Singapore Mom Blogger's 1st birthday bash, we were privileged to be part of an exclusive baking class session hosted by Munch Ministry at The Civil Service Club! We were all very excited to learn how to bake 'Hokkaido Chiffon Cake'. 

As with following the trend of a true blue blogger *cough*, I started snapping pictures with my iphone the minute I arrived at the studio.
A great sized cooking studio!
Took the opportunity to snap a pic with the founders of Munch Ministry! Pauline on my left and Louisa. They are probably one of my reason for wanting to cook better for my family. :)
Megan attended the baking session with me and she had a bird's eye view when Pauline demonstrated mixing the first part of the ingredients for the cupcake.
Pauline then proceeded to show us how to concoct the meringue which would then be mixed into the first part of the mixture.
Pauline made mixing the ingredients up so easy and before we knew it, it was ready to be sent for baking!
So off we went to make our cupcakes after the demonstration!
This came out smelling heavenly!
'Stabbing' the cream into the cupcake and filling a portion into it. This is the most fun part of the class for me!
I was very proud of this particular cupcake as the cream came out very perky. :p
tada! the final look of the cupcake after dusting it with snow powder and decorating with those cute little hearts. It looks like what you would buy off the bakery and tastes simply divine!
My partners-in-crime! Regina from MummyMoo.com with her mother-in-law and my daughter Megan. And honestly, the cakes turn out better because of Regina's mother-in-law who is an experienced home baker.
A group pic with all the SMBs! (L to R) Mabel, Ai, Delphine, Cherie, PC, Estella, Jennifer, Liza, Connie, Klessis, Jiahui, me!, Rachel and Regina

If you're keen to make this cupcake, visit Munch Ministry today for the recipe of Hokkaido Chiffon Cake! The site is truly a gem for your home cooked food recipes.

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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