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Thursday, February 7, 2013

When 'Sorry' Is Loosely Used

Me (eating alone at a food court) : *nom nom nom*

A blue collared worker walked past my table.

Just when the spoonful of rice went into my mouth, she stood next to me.

"Sorry. Sorry. Can I take this chair?"

I couldn't stop to answer her yet there she was waiting for me to respond.

I didn't want to just do a hand signal that it was okay to take the chair because it just seemed rude to respond that way. And she certainly didn't seem she could wait for me to chew and swallow my food to answer her proper.

So, I chose to nod my head instead.

"Sorry, sorry," she went again.

I'm pretty sure many Singaporeans are familiar with this scenario and some of us, even guilty of "apologizing" for something not at all wrong.

Perhaps she felt bad to interrupt my meal but it still doesn't warrant an apology because she did nothing wrong.

So let's not use 'sorry' too loosely with people. 'Sorry' is an expression of regret, having done something wrong or saying it to someone over a sense of loss. It definitely holds deeper meaning.

That being said, we should also learn to express our 'thank yous' more too. That will be better appreciated when others do nice things for you. It will simply make someone's day. Don't you think? :)

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. Must be influenced by the gorgeous looking Korean group tt sing "sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry" lol.

    A sorry too much really isn't nevessary but I guess some thinks that doesn't hurt to say it more times. It doesn't help when u repeat "it's ok." In respond to their sorry. I'd like more pls n thank you any time.

  2. I agree that the word "sorry" is too loosely used until it doesn't carry much value and sincerity. We can all afford to be more courteous in life and I'm sure it will brighten up our day if we receive a smile/affirmation.

  3. I'm guilty of it at times and sometimes it will hit me and I'll wonder why I blurted it so automatically. But that said, I am pretty generous with my thank you too.


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