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Thursday, November 29, 2012

7 Great Christmas Gift Ideas!

I'm not sure about you but every year end, I face the most daunting task... getting the perfect gift for the special people in our lives! Sometimes, I even forget that the little ones are growing and the mindless toys are the least that they would be enthralled with!

(Side track : I remember one occasion when my daughter helped to tag a gift and was wrongly tagged. So a baby bath toy ended up with a 20 year old cousin and the baby received a bottle of facial mist!!! zzzzz...)

Now, if you follow my blog, you will wonder why I'm using the number '7' again in this post. (I had a previous post of '7 Pleasures of a Happy Mom') Because the number 7 means 'perfect'! And how apt it is again to have 7 perfect gift ideas!

This year, I have the extra vantage of knowing some mumpreneurs who carries excellent choice of products that would help us all with their Christmas gift ideas!  I'm only too happy to share and collate their one must-have recommended Christmas gift for your picking!


Shereen from Jed Packs recommends these cute and hilariously informative lunch bags!

This is an insulated lunch bag, with a velcro strap in it to prevent the water bottle from rolling around. There is the matching water bottle and snack box set that fit perfectly in there as well! What a practical gift it would make!

Retail price : S$35.00

Special price for my blog readers : S$33.00!!

To enjoy the discount, simply 'Like' Jed Pack's facebook page, send a message/email to Shereen and quote AMB-XMAS to enjoy your purchase!

This promo expires : 6 Dec 2012

Ling recommends the new 2012 Strider PreBike! A great gift to consider for your tots as it's the best and perfect way to learn cycling! 
It has a padded handlebar for a cool look and increased safety. With one of the lowest seats in the industry - at only 11 inches from the ground, the Strider Balance bike offers the chance to learn to balance, steer, and ride like big kid.

Suitable for kids from 18 months to about 5 years old.

Published Price: S$170.00

Special price for my blog readers : S$150.00!!

To enjoy the discount, simply 'Like' Mama Shoppe facebook page, send a message/email to Ling and quote AMB-XMAS to enjoy your purchase!
This promo expires : 6 Dec 2012


How about something for mommies who are into all things pretty?

Jean recommends a key holder since every key do need a home too! It keeps your keys safely in one place and you do not need to search through your bag for them.

Published Price: S$25.90 

Special discount for my blog readers : 10%!!

To enjoy the discount, simply 'Like' Jean Stitch's facebook page, send a message/email to Jean and quote AMB-XMAS to enjoy your purchase!
This promo expires : 6 Dec 2012

Now, this is a product that is for everyone in the family which Jennifer, who has distributing rights in Singapore, to bring it in all the way from the USA.

As many would know, aloe vera plant has great healing properties. Dr.Lily's natural aloe vera gel contains only organic ingredients which brings you all the natural goodness from the plant. With its ease of use in this 100ml tube, there's no reason why it should not be in your bag everywhere you go. It aids in insect bites, burns, wound healing, mouth ulcers, dry skin and rashes - just to name a few!
Shop Promotional Price: S$35.50 for 2 100ml AV gel
(U.P. S$19.00 per tube) 

Special price for my blog readers : S$34.00 for 2!

To enjoy the discount, simply 'like' The Square Box's facebook page, message/email Jennifer and quote AMB-XMAS to enjoy your purchases!

Promotion expiry : while stocks lasts!


Sharon recommends this Tiger Tribe Magnetic Playbooks where your children enters into a world of imagination and let them tell you the story instead, providing hours of imaginative play! Kids use the magnets to create various scenes on the base illustration.  A4 sized playbooks are large enough for little hands. Perfect for travel or cafe play.  (Suitable for 3 yrs +)

Available in 7 different themes:
- Pirate Adventure 
- Enchanted Fairies - Transport in the city
 - Around the World 
- Fairytale Palace
- Nursery Rhyme Land 

- Building Site

Published price S$29.90

Christmas special : 10% storewide + free gift wrap + tag + a chance to help HIV children!

To enjoy your purchases, simply visit and like Oak Tree baby facebook page, message/email to Sharon and quote AMB-XMAS to enjoy your purchases!

Promotion expiry : as per shop's promotional dates.

Pamela recommends CitiBlocs - a high quality wooden construction blocks where each and every piece is exactly the same shape and size. Constructing a structure with CitiBlocs requires no glue, no snaps, no connectors and no magnets - just gravity, balance and imagination. Simply stack one block on top of another. 

The blocks' specific size and shape and weight allows building that is simply not possible with other building toys. CitiBlocs are suitable for kids and adults ages 3 and up. Definitely great fun for everyone in the family!

Published Price: S$80.90 (200 blocks)
Special discount for my blog readers : 15%!!

Discount is also applicable to all Citiblocs range at the website!

To enjoy the discount, simply 'Like' My First Games facebook page, send a message/email  to Pamela and quote AMB-XMAS to enjoy your purchase!
This promo expires : 31 Dec 2012
Hana recommends Skibz! An award winning funky designer bibs in red & blue stars! 

It's a great gift because it makes such a funky designer accessory for any cool kid. Plus it actually does the work of keeping little ones dry and mess-free all day long in comfort and style. 

Suitable for kids 0-3 years old 

Published Price: S$16.00
Special discount for my blog readers : 5%!!

To enjoy the discount, simply 'Like' Little Safari Shop facebook page, send a message/email to Hana and quote AMB-XMAS to enjoy your purchase with complimentary standard postage!
This promo expires : 6 Dec 2012

I hope you folks have found the ideal gift from here! 
It's been really fun to put these gift ideas up for my readers because they all look really impressive.
Take a break from trawling the shops and let your fingers do the shopping this year!
I'm pretty sure whichever gift items you have chosen in this post would impress the receivers much. 
They will surely love you back, lots and lots. :)
Happy shopping and happy holidays!
Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. Ok, since Regina started this, I like the JED pack. Oops, I meant my Dumpling. LOL :p

  2. Hi Adeline, thanks for putting up all these information, they are very useful :)


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