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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Postmortem : PSLE

I'm interviewing my son today!

As we all know, PSLE has just ended. Now, he has found too much time on his hands! He has finally laid his hands on his favorite computer games after being deprived for the past few months. But I've managed to drag him away from the keyboard to do this for me! Let's see what he has to say about his journey. I'm keeping this post lighthearted with my commentary in [  ].


>>> From when did you start preparing for your PSLE this year? 
2nd term this year.   [Enough time meh?]

>>> Has preparation been tough for you?
Not really.   [gasp!]

>>> You mean the whole time, you didn't feel pressurized?
 Every once in a while.   [So, I didn't pressure him that much after all.]

>>> What did you do when you felt the stress creeping into you?
I take deep breaths.   [Ok. I shall try that out for myself.]

>>> So, how would you rate this year's papers, from 1-10?   1 being the easiest.
  • English -3
  • Math - 2
  • Chinese - 4 
  • Science - 3
[wah... that's quite a good level of self confidence to me]

 >>> Do you honestly think it's tough for you and the rest of the P-sixers, to get through PSLE?
Not really.  

>>> Do you think MOE is taking the right direction to review future PSLE standard again? As in, a lot of people are complaining how tough it is for 12 year olds to get pass this stage in their lives.
Yes.  [hmmm...]

>>> Do you think that it is fair to grade every child according to the 4 subjects? Even though we know that not every child are built to excel in everything.
NO!   [that was a definite no!]

>>> What do you think would make a fairer exam for all?
I think it is fairer to be evaluated by subjects and not in general.  [wah, impressed!]

>>> Ok, well. Now that you have SO MUCH time in your hands, what do you plan to do/or look forward to till December?
- help Megan with her work since her exams are near   [good gor-gor]
- go out with my friends   [really? who are they? you are growing up too fast.]
- help to house-train our puppy  [oh you had better!]
- looking forward to our family vacation and Legoland? [zzzz... one at a time please. Your daddy don't print money!]
- and my exam results! [another round of stress for me. Oh well, what's done cannot be undone.]

We had so much fun doing this interview together because I mostly responded to his answers in jest with big wide eyes like a big bad wolf! (I'm trying to cut down the nagging so this works for now.)  

Hope you had some chuckles while reading this and perhaps gained some insights on what a 12 year old thinks about PSLE.

"Thank you my son, for entertaining me with this interview."

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. so maybe the exam was really easy peasy for him? My turn soon!

    1. ehhh... I can't comment if the papers were easy! Will know when his results come out. By the time it's Z's turn, probably it will be revised again. Hope that it's not so difficult to assess the children anymore.

  2. Glad to hear that your son is relaxing himself now that the exam is over. Great that he is so positive about himself.

    1. Ya!! I just hope he will not be a computer addict. After having to monitor his studies, now I have to monitor play time. zzzzzz.... :p

  3. I love this post. I love the angle and the perspective from a P6 child. Everyone is having the P6 debate from the perspective of an adult - MOE, teacher, parent - what about the kids who go through this?

    Thanks for sharing Adeline and good job to your son! I hope he does well! :)

    1. Oh yay! I did something different! :p Happy you enjoyed this post.

  4. Heh heh! Such a funny lil boy you have! U should be so proud... he has a good head on his shoulders!

    1. Sandra, funny when he is not moody. hahah! Eh how you know he started to the shampoo? :p

  5. Hi, Adeline, I like this one :) My boy has been too sick for me to do anything much with him. Your boy looks really sweet :)

    1. Thanks Elisa! Hope your boy gets well soon.

  6. I can just picture you having this conversation / interview with Bran!

    Such a sweet post... did he ask why you wanted to interview him?

    1. haha yah he did! And he didn't oblige until I said you can answer simply. He thought must write essay kind of interview. :p

  7. Love how your boy answer all your question, sounds very matured & straight forward coming from a 12 years old :)


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