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Monday, July 23, 2012

[RECIPE] Chicken Stew

I love quickies - I mean, fast to cook and good to eat prepared meals from home! (hmmmm what were you thinking?)

So I thought I would share one of my family's favorite - chicken stew. It's a super yummylicious all-in-one dish that goes superbly well with plain rice. Here's my recipe if you would like to try it!

3 pcs boneless chicken leg - sliced into bite size pieces (you can substitute with other parts of chicken)
2 medium sized onions - sliced
Slices of ginger
1 large carrots (optional)
1 Potato (optional)
1 tomato (optional)
2 stalks celery (optional)
1 can button mushrooms
1 tbsp Chopped garlic
1 bay leaf (optional)

Marinade chicken with the following :
4 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp of sesame oil
1/2 tsp of Maggi seasoning
1 tbsp of corn flour
A few dashes of white pepper
1 tbsp chinese cooking wine (hua tiao jiu)
1/2 tsp of coriander powder (this is my mom's secret to a better tasting stew!)

- Using about 1 tbsp of cooking oil (I try to use as little as possible), saute the garlic, ginger and onions till fragrant. Add in chicken and fry till partially cooked.
- Add in all the other ingredients, give it a good stir and add about 2-3 tbsp of tomato sauce for a tangy flavor and sugar to taste. You can also add a teaspoon of black soya sauce if you prefer your sauce to look darker.
- Pour in enough water to cover ingredients. Add the bay leaf and leave it to simmer for about 30-40 minutes on medium heat.

And there you go!

Happy cooking! If you do try this recipe, let me know if its yummy for you too! :)

Footnote : I try to cook less salty dishes whenever possible so please do a taste test before serving. Do add a bit more oyster sauce if my recipe is too bland for you.

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. Love this dish! Healthy and tasty!

  2. Woohoo, Adeline! you are my guru of quickies! goin to try this out!!! many thanks again=)!!!

    1. wah promoted to guru!! hahaha! Hope to share more quickies again. :)

  3. the look at it already make me hungry! and I cooked soup with almost the same ingredients as yours but will be going with flat noodles :)

    have fun at dinner time tonight with the girls :)


  4. i love this dish! i do this quickie alot too cos it's one of poppy's favourites as well. so wholesome and yummy :D ps it also freezes well!


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