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Monday, November 10, 2014

Pick A Musical Instrument and Play A Song in 4 Lessons? Cool!

The year end school term break is less than a week away. In fact, the holiday has already begun for secondary school students. If you are not so in touch with the secondary school term break, it starts 3 weeks earlier than those in primary school. It.Is.A.Very.Long.Break.

Have you planned how you would occupy your mini mes during this term break? There are many holiday courses that are out there now and if your child has yet to embark on a music journey (or wants to try out a new musical instrument), you may like to consider signing them up for a music course with The Eighth Note Music School.

I was introduced to The Eighth Note Music School a couple of months' back and was immediately drawn to their holiday music lessons for my children. As my children do not have any form of music background, I was pretty excited to find out that this music school gives crash courses in playing a choice instrument. Better yet, learn to play a song that they like in 4 lessons? I was sold.

Don't be mistaken, I am all for sending children to learn music the classical way - which The Eighth Note also provides. However, I feel my children would be better off pursuing and sticking to an interest they want to learn instead of being coerced into it - especially when it's for leisure. I've seen many drop out halfway (namely myself) because they are not able to cope with extra demands and I don't wish to ply on more exams on them! Having too much on their plate may just have a backlash effect and the joy of playing a musical instrument may be marred. Therefore these short music courses offered at The Eighth Note are very ideal for them especially when they are at the age where pop/rock songs are the rage.

Brandon decided to sign himself up for the 'Digital Music Course', whereas Megan signed herself up for a crash course on electronic keyboard, after going through 2 separate trials on the guitar and the keyboard. I must commend the school for exercising a lot of patience to Megan as she was torn between deciding the 2 instruments. She finally decided on the keyboard because we already own a full size one at home and would be ideal for her since Brandon could play the guitar. Then they can come up with their own band! #justsaying

I couldn't be prouder when she could play "A Thousand Years" after 1 lesson.

Please pardon the background noise as I recorded this at the school before her 2nd session started.
The Digital Music Course that Brandon signed up for is a new course offered at the school. He was introduced by the teacher to 'Garage Band' app that can be downloaded into the ipad for a small price. Though it is an app that anyone can download and play around with, it does take some knowledge to come up with their own music. Listening intently, understanding and knowing how to layer each function is a fundamental step to composing a successful tune. After a lesson, Brandon decided to try his hands on the blues!

What I Like About The Eighth Note Music School

It is not exactly an ordinary music school, in my opinion. When I first stepped into their Parkway Centre branch, I could sense a lot of love and passion in the air from the teachers manning the place. They were genuinely warm, patient, young, motivated and dynamic - which suited the style that the school put across to me. All these traits were affirmed when I sat in to observe their lessons.

I also appreciate it very much that the school offer trials before your child decides which instrument he or she is comfortable with learning, before signing up for a course. This is important so that the teachers can also help to identify if the instrument picked is suitable and for them to gauge the pace of learning for each individual.

The other plus point for me is their flexible timing, as I've observed that the teachers are able to schedule time slots to suit your availability, since the lessons are mostly catered one-to-one. Lessons are conducted per 4 lessons and if you have to miss a class, the make up lesson is not chargeable. 

Last but not least, the most important factor would be their pool of multi-talented teachers - as they are the ones who connect with our children, they must also be the ones our children like and can look up to as positive role models. Why do I say multi-talented? Because the ones we connected with can play and teach multiple musical instruments! I'm so glad that the teachers we've met so far at Parkway Centre are nothing but a cheerful and enthusiastic lot.

"Thank you Hafiz and Alicia, and everyone we've met at the Parkway Centre branch! You've been so accommodating and welcoming to us! Brandon and Megan are certainly enjoying their lessons with you so far because of your stress-free teachings and positive vibes."

As of now, my children are still pursuing their last few lessons with The Eighth Note. Megan is learning to play different kinds of chord styles with the existing song that she learned. Brandon will soon be tasked with an advanced project in creating music and perhaps a ring tone!

What You May Not Know About The Eighth Note Music School

Established in 2004, The Eighth Note also conducts external music programmes to various schools in Singapore. They have won accolades, awards and accreditation with the National Arts Council and at Singapore Youth Festivals.

Keen to sign your children up for a music course at The Eighth Note this holiday? Connect with them today!

The Eighth Note is located at :

Main Branch
19 Lorong Kilat #01-04
Singapore 598120
Tel: +65 6465 1418
Email: hi@theeighthnote.com.sg

Parkway Centre Branch 
 Parkway Centre #02-02
Singapore 449408
Tel: 63480628
Mobile: 9230 2778
Email: jac@theeighthnote.com.sg
Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

Disclaimer : The Accidental Mom Blogger was invited to review the holiday courses offered at The Eighth Note for my children. No monetary compensation was made and all opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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