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Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Zombie Date Night @ Senoko Fishery Port

Weird. No. It was not Halloween. The only sleep deprived zombie was probably just me and with no make up on, one can visualize how horrifying I would have looked.

It was the first late night couple date we ever had since we had kids (let me count... ya 13 years) and we headed to Senoko fishery port!

Well, it was supposed to be a double date with another couple friend. However, their tiredness got the better of them way before the stipulated time to pick them up. (I don't blame them - one of them had just returned from a business trip and they have 4 kids to mind!) It was also tough for me to stay awake as I am so not a night person. But the hubs said, since we were both already up from our 2 hour nap, we might as well go ahead with the plan.  With much resistance (from me), we left home at 1.30am.

*Pardon my photo quality as most of the indoor shots were taken while I was just walking along. And authentically speaking, it was also how my vision was at that time of the night.*

First impression of the fishery, FISHY. The moment the hubs wound down his window to exchange for a visitor pass, the "aroma" filled our car. So be prepared to be smelling the same when you get home.

 It is basically like a wet market, just that all the stalls sell seafood. And they mostly sell the smaller seafood by a 10kg basket.

Uh-uh... it is NOTHING like the fishery in Japan where they auction their tunas! The fishes are mostly strewn on the ground like that.

 One of the fewer stalls that bother to arrange their catches neatly. This is as neat as it gets!

The highlight of our trip - prawns. 

We bought 3kg worth of 2 different kind of sized prawns. Some stalls were willing to sell at a minimum of 1kg while others at 2kg. It was not actually that cheap too. For an average of $16 per kg for medium sized prawns, we can buy it for about $18-$19 at the wet market. I think the prices are pretty fair at our regular wet market supplier. (As Adora from The Gingerbread Mum would say, "oh my! we're indulging in "auntie" talk again!")
 A lot of friends wondered why we didn't buy fish. It is because they are wholesalers and do not have fish cleaning services like those in our neighborhood wet market. Buying, handling and cleaning the fish, especially the bigger ones, would be a very daunting task for me as I am used to handling fish fillets. I was also certainly not prepared to have my kitchen reeking of fish perfume or decorated with scales.

So anyway, we learned some to-dos and not-to-dos while at the fishery. Perhaps you would want to take them into consideration if you plan to head out there one of these nights when you are bored at 2am or something.
  • wear easy wash footwear. You wouldn't want your shoes stinking of fish.
  • bring along bottles of water so that you can rinse your hands and footwear before you get into the car. You wouldn't want your car mat to be tainted with fishy smell too.
  • bring along newspapers to line your car boot if you decide to buy seafood. Another idea would be to place your buys into a plastic container or pail.
  • transactions are in cash only. So... you know what to do.
  • Don't bother bargaining. They don't entertain.
  • Don't expect much social manners coming from the workers. They are there to work so expect a little pushing around if you are in their way. Watch out for the trolleys!

The next time we go on a late night date again, it will probably to check out Jurong Fishery Port.

Oh the things I do for my husband.

Location :
Senoko Fishery Port
Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority
31 Attap Valley Road, #02-29,
Singapore 759908
Opening hours : 1am - 6am (closed on Mondays)

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. Date night at fishery? That is refreshing :)
    Have always wanted to visit, but the Zzz monster is too strong.

    Thanks for sharing your tips.
    cheers, andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Errr... yeah. It was very fresh. *pinch nose* So nice of you to stop by, Andy!

  2. Haha I liked the bit about how your photos were authentic, because it was how you were seeing the place too!

  3. of all the things you link me up with. auntie talk. pfft.

    this is something i've been wanting to do for a long time! but we don't drive so it's going to be tricky. you're right - if nobody 'cleans' my fish for me, i wouldn't know what to do either.

    ok la. indulge you in some auntie chatter la. my market sells big prawns at $22/kg i think

  4. Hi, AVA's website mentions that a permit is required to enter the port. How did you manage to get the permit?

    1. Hi. I think you are mistaken. Visitors don't need permit - we only needed to pay for parking which was manned by security. Only if you are a trading personnel, then you'd need a permit.


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