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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Behind The Scene of My TV Debut - On The Red Dot

I was recently contacted via email by one of Channel NewsAsia's producer, Sian Choo, who was doing research on a story about "Sharenting" for a local programme called "On The Red Dot". She requested for a phone interview with me, hoping that I could help fill her in with information about why I blog. I obliged. 

Perhaps why I started blogging intrigued her because the reason was clearly the peer influence. Yes! The mums in Singapore Mom Bloggers are surely an influential lot! From someone who has lost touch with writing in a diary for more than 20 years, the thought of journalling my moments for all to see seemed daunting. However, I'm very happy where my blogging adventure has taken me for the past 19 months. 

A few days after the phone interview, Sian Choo called me up again. This time, it became clearer. She wanted me to be interviewed on TV!  I declined to do the TV interview a couple of times, asking her if she can somehow incorporate my story into the program without me appearing on TV. But, her sincerity won me over. I thought, since it was not something I would do as a norm and for the experience sake, why not?
Sian Choo and the filming crew, fussing over me as they were setting up the lighting and sound.
The particular story Sian Choo was covering focused on parents who blog, tweet and post pictures of their lives. Particularly with children. She wanted to know why we blog and what was it that we want to share with the world. 

So, being the kind of person who likes to plan and not really liking any surprises (ok lah, kiasi), I asked her for a list of questions she would be asking me about. So I diligently typed out my answers and printed it on paper for my reference, just in case I had to because I didn't want to be stumped. Here were her questions and my answers.

How did your blog first started, and  why?  
Actually I started a photoblog in March last year and was searching for a like-minded group in Facebook to share with when I chanced upon this newly set up facebook group for Singapore Mom Bloggers. I was very surprised to discover many mom bloggers journaling their children’s milestones, sharing their challenges and snippets of their lives.  A month down the road, I got influenced, in a good way.  So I decided to start a blog, thus my blog name - The Accidental Mom Blogger.

What do you usually like to blog about, and why?

I usually blog about matters close to my heart. The challenges I face as a stay-at-home-mom, the building of relationships with my children and sharing memories of my own growing up years. Sometimes I also have a say on trending issues in Singapore like education or on social graces. Other times, I share my simple home cooked recipes or journal about my jewelry crafting. Blogging has become an outlet for me to express my feelings and at the end of the day, it’s all about sharing my experience. Perhaps another mom who is reading a particular post can relate with me, pick up a tip or two and know they are not alone in their challenges.

Do your children know about your blog?
Oh yes they do. If it’s a post that concerns them, I would make them read it to see my point of view. Hopefully they will understand why I do what I do. If not now, then in the future when they are facing with parenting challenges. My blog would serve as a reference for them.

Hmmm, this is probably one of the rare times when my dining table is cleared of my work barang barang!
How are their response & reactions so far?
Initially, it was not something they were comfortable about but they kind of warmed up (or I would like to think they do) to my blogging adventure so we’re all quite okay now. There is definitely a trust that's been built on what I will share and what I will not.

And KayCee the dog becomes an overnight star, with tricks she earnestly performed for the camera!

 What are some of the things you will definitely not post?
I will certainly not post sensitive issues that would hurt my family, extended families and friends. 

How do you draw the line between what’s private & public?  
I am mindful not to divulge any intimate and embarrassing details of myself or anyone in the family – unless it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek. So topics like revealing specific exam scores or about my children reaching puberty are a no-no for me. If I have to write a post similar to these topics, I would generalize the content.

Are you aware of digital footprints? Do you think your children will be affected by your blog sharing?
As long as I maintain a positive attitude when I blog about the challenges with my children, I believe it will not affect their lives. I am aware that what I share online is searchable, but what I share is also real to me. It is a part and parcel of growing up in Singapore and I believe many Singaporean parents can relate. What I write about my children now is not reflective of how they will contribute to society in the future. So I do not think it poses a problem. 

There. Sounded simple? It wasn't. And you know what? It didn't really matter what I typed out in the list of questions given to me. I was stumped anyway! I think typing out my thoughts are much easier than when I speak it out.

 Although I was the least bit nervous (very unlike me though I fidgeted over my unrefined looking hair and wondered all the time if Rosli, the cameraman, was filming a flattering side of my face or focusing on my tummy), it was the repeated necessary interruption (the N.G.s to be precise) due to background noise from trucks on the road, made the thinking process difficult.  For each time I had to repeat what I had said before the N.G., my answers came out very differently! 

Alas, after watching the programme, none of the essential questions were aired anyway... ah well...

In case you missed the programme, here is the link to the show. I am very happy to be sharing this segment together with my fellow mom blogger friend, Jiahui from www.mumseword.com, who was also interviewed for this segment. And thanks to her for putting up this direct video link on the 'sharenting' portion for my readers to enjoy!


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  1. Wah! Both your house and Jiahui's house so nice!

    And your children with Kaycee - super cute!

    1. Thanks Mabel! Of course I had to tidy up house before they film haha! :p

  2. Congrats on the feature! :) It was amazing to watch our families on tv! :)


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