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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Guest Post] DIY Notebook Craft Fun!

I got acquainted with this crafty mama, Rachel of Scrappin' Love, a few months' back when we connected through Singapore Mom Bloggers.

Running an online business and caring for 2 young children is not easy for any mother. Perhaps one of the reasons why I can relate to Rachel on this level is her passion! Browsing through her online shop has been very inspirational for me.  Not only did I discover her creative streak, her choices of carrying pretty scrap booking needs are absolute eye candies!

Today, I'm very honored to have Rachel over to share a special craft project that I hope will inspire my readers to take that step to do something out of the ordinary. With Christmas approaching, this would undoubtedly make an ideal handmade gift to your loved one.

How many notebooks does one own and use them all at the same time? 

For me, I've six (and still counting)! Each for its own purpose and they all varies in sizes and looks. And out of the six, four of them were handmade by me.

So here’s what I’m going to show you – to make your very own notebook with 20 easy and simple steps! 

First of all, you’ll have to get ready the list of materials and tools before we dive into this DIY project. In this tutorial, we’ll be working on a A6 size notebook – the inner pages are printed with lines, by using excel file in landscape format to do up the line template. But of course, you can choose to have blank inner pages for your notebook too.

Materials & Tools: 
- A variety of pattern papers of your choice (preferably with images you can cut out)
- Die-cut pattern paper (optional)
- 10 pieces of printed lines A5 size white writing paper
- Washi tapes
- Bakers twine
- Craft glue
- Long needle
- Ruler - Bone folder (optional)
- Black ink pen
- White ink pen
- pencil
- Paper piercer
- Scissor

Step 1: 
Fold the stack of A5 size lined writing paper into half lengthwise and use the bone folder to press down the fold line flat and neat. 

Step 2: 
Cut out a 21.5cm x 15cm from your selected pattern paper for the notebook cover and fold it into half lengthwise. Now, both the stack of writing papers and the cover should be in A6 size. Slot the stack of writing paper into the cover. 

Step 3: 
Open the notebook to the centre of the folding pages. Use the ruler and paper piercer, poke 3 dots lightly along the folding line. With 2 dots 1cm away from both ends and 1 dot in the middle along the folding line. 

Step 4: 
Use the dots as marking points, pierce through the papers and the cover.

Step 5
By using the spine of the notebook, measure 4 times the length of it with bakers twine to determine how much twine you’ll need to stitch up the notebook. 

Step 6: 
Thread the twine through the needle. Note: have a needle that has a hole that’s big enough for the twine to thread through and long enough for a better grip while stitching. 

Step 7: 
Now, here’s where you need to determine which is the top & bottom and which is the front & back cover of your notebook. The side that is facing down on the table will be the front cover while the top of the notebook is on your right. Sew through the right hole, leaving a tail of approximately 12 cm behind. 

Step 8: 
From the right hole, go out by sewing through the left-most hole while maintaining the tail of twine.

Step 9: 
From here, go back into the notebook by sewing through the middle hole. 

Step 10: 
Here’s the tricky part - while you’ve sew through the middle hole, go out through the same hole while looping the string of twine that is along the folding line of the inner pages. 

Step 11: 
At this step, the stitching is done. You’ll have 2 tails of twine hanging out of the notebook. You can now remove the needle. 

Step 12: 
Open up the notebook with the cover facing you. Tie a die knot with the twine somewhere between the top and the middle hole.

Step 13: 
Tie a ribbon with the twine. 

Step 14: 
Use a black ink pen, draw lines / dash / curvy line around the border of the cover. 

Step 15: 
By now, you should have a nice little notebook. But we’re not done yet! We’re moving on to decorate up the cover. 

Step 16: 
Use scrap of paper, draw a circle of a diameter of 5cm and cut it out. As for me, I just grab a roll of washi tape to get the circle.

Step 17: 
Choose your preferred roll of washi tape and pleat along the edge of the cutout circle. Pleat all the way round to form a complete pleated washi tape flower.

Step 18: 
Cut out the images you like from your pattern papers for the cover. In this notebook, I cut out a boy & a girl, a bunch of flowers and a die-cut banner.

Step 19: 
If you have alphabets on your pattern papers, cut them out as they are useful as the title of your notebook. I used white ink pen to draw dash on the inside of the alphabets for a playful look.

Step 20: 
It’s assemble time! Arrange the cut-outs, pleated washi tape flower and everything onto the cover. Once you’re satisfied with the positions, move them off the cover and start to paste individual layers down with craft glue starting from the most bottom layer. For this notebook, I started with a red washi tape and trim the 2 ends to a banner shape. Next is the pleated washi tape flower, follow by the flower cut-out, the blue banner, the boy, the girl, the goose, the alphabets cut-outs, the alpha stickers (optional) and lastly the washi tape with a safety pin image.

And there you have it! Your very own notebook! A fun, inexpensive yet special gift for anyone you wish to give it to.

I hope you like what I shared with you in this tutorial. This simple stitching technique allows you to make as many notebooks as you like in a short time, which is one great DIY project as a gift to others.

So, have fun crafting! If you’ve any question, you’re most welcome to drop me an email at hello@scrappinlove.com

Find more of Rachel's completed products and materials at her online shop - Scrappin' Love!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. This is so pretty! Thanks Rachel for sharing, the idea of pleating with washi tape was genius!

  2. Wow what a pretty DIY tutorial, I'll love to make one of these...thanks for sharing the idea Rachel and Ade :)

  3. Thank you ladies for the compliments! And thanks to Adeline for having me to share on this tutorial. :)

    Hope all of you'll have fun making!

  4. This is so pretty. Would make great decotration idea for xmas cards too.


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