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Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Giveaway] What does Christmas mean to you?

For most part of my life, Christmas was just about the food, exchanging of gifts, laughter and the bouts of merry making with family and friends.

These past 2 years, Christmas holds deeper meanings for me and my family.  The feeling that overwhelms us and fills our hearts on this special day is priceless.  

The one word that I would like to describe our Christmas is...

Because we are thankful for walking under an open heaven and receiving undeserved and unmerited favors from up above. That is the one true love that we believe, will never fail in any circumstances we face in this world.

To celebrate Christmas on my blog, I am giving away these handmade angel phone charm gifts to two very special readers that would be willing to share what Christmas means to you. Regardless of our faiths, I'm sure this day holds certain meanings for many of us.

All you need to do is :
Share a short reason on what Christmas means to you, beginning your sentence with  "I love Christmas because....." on my FB fan page once the link to this post is updated there.

I will pick the winner by random draw and annouce on my FB fan page.  

This giveaway will end on 22 November (Thursday).

This draw is open to residents of Singapore only.

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. So pretty! Love your creations Ade! =)

  2. Yes the angel charm is such a beautiful ornament!


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