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Friday, October 19, 2012

Building Up Responsibilities.

My children have always been blessed for having their mother (yah ME!) around, picking up after them without having to lay a finger on most chores. Though I try to inculcate essential habits like bringing their cups to the sink when they are done drinking or picking up their soiled clothes on the floor everyday, it seems quite futile. So I end up doing these things for them which they have taken for granted.

We've recently acquired a puppy and it is my hope that my children will learn to be a little bit more responsible by taking care of it's needs whole-heartedly.  When I know that they can do it without much supervision, then I will also know that I can trust them to look after themselves.

It's been said and known, that having a pet in the home teaches a child to be responsible - just like how all parents should be responsible for their children.

I am looking forward to the day they can fully demonstrate this to me. 
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. We just got a hamster last week and it's so interesting to see Lil Pumpkin interacting with it. Hope to see more posts on your new family member. I'll be sharing about our hamster soon too ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. haha! Hamsters are cute! We had them once. Great fun just observing them on the wheel! :p Look forward to your post!

  2. Megan!!

    So pretty lah you :)

    I digress, but 'tis true.

  3. i have a tween and a teenager. they are showing a little more responsibility, but we sure can be lazy at times!! ha ha cute photo!!

  4. Lovely kids. Cute puppy, too!
    I'm far too tolerant of clothes left on the floor, half-finished art and craft projects cluttering up the room. It's time to get a little more strict, I think.
    We've had various pets and our daughter was good with them. It's just a bit awkward when you want to go on holidays for a couple of weeks.


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