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Thursday, July 28, 2016



Recently, I was featured in Vibes, a quarterly published community magazine, alongside 4 other amazing mumpreneurs living in the same area. Even though all 5 of us come from different backgrounds, have different ambitions and in different line of work, the one thing we can all unanimously agree on is that being a mumpreneur entails on being a mother first before our work undertakings.

I believe we thrive on the flexibility that our role offers, which allow us to give our utmost best to our family and what we are passionate about pursuing, at the same time. Over time and perseverance, we are each at where we want to be (and more!) which makes raising our families' and running a business, a very meaningful journey to hold on to.

Zooming in on my write up! but please believe me, I didn't endorse myself as a 'popular mum blogger'. It was purely the perception of the magazine's interviewer.
At the blink of an eye, it has already been 11 years since I ventured into providing handmade jewelry service online. To find out more about what I have been up to all these years, you can read more about my journey as a jewelry crafter here.

Thank you everyone, for your continued support to local mumpreneurs, in big and small ways! 

Do connect with us individually, should the need for our services arise :

Adeline's Loft
Custom made lifestyle jewelry
Who : Adeline Oon (me!)
Blogshop : www-ade.loft.blogspot.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/adelines.loft
Instagram : www.instagram.com/adeoon
Pinterest : www.pinterest.com/adelineoon/
Twitter : www.twitter.com/AdelineOon

Petite Bake House
Bakery and Customized Cakes
Who : Sophia Loy
Website : www.petitebakehouse.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PetiteBakehouse
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/sophialoy/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/loysophia/
Twitter: mobile.twitter.com/PetiteBakehouse

Online Tuition for Secondary School (Social Studies/History)
Who : Karen Ang
Website : www.learnmojo.com

Personal Growth and Transformational Coach
Who : Ruth Wong
Facebook : www.facebook.com/PhilosoulphyWithRuth

Nails & Brows
Beauty Salon
Who : Jenny Wee
Website : www.nailsandbrows.com

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