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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[Festive Food Blog Train] What We Had on Christmas Eve

Every year for at least the past 12 years, my aunt-in-law Hannah, has been keeping this special annual tradition in hosting Christmas eve dinner gatherings with the extended family.

Aunt Hannah is a great dinner host and superb cook! Whenever she throws a party or gathering, we would be awed by her well-thought out themes and special touches. I vividly remember once, she threw a birthday party at her home and engaged an Indian caterer who prepared our pratas with fillings to our whims and fancies on the spot! We all loved the idea very much and thoroughly enjoyed it! Of course, it would have been better if all of us were a better sport for dressing up to the theme that night. :p
For Christmas, Aunt Hannah usually whips up a delicious spread of awesome ang-moh food - which you will see for yourself in the photos I've taken.
The Christmas decor in her home also adds a special touch to our dinner with the scent of her fresh pine Christmas tree.

This year, I'm so pleased to be able to share with you in my blog, snippets of what we had for our festive dinner!

{ All photos taken with my iphone! Apologies if pictures not up to standard! :p } 

There's turkey, pork ribs, cottage pie, potato salad, brussel sprouts (never thought I would like it but I did! Tasted like mini cabbages!) baked garlic and to-die-for salami from Italy! Homemade cranberry and turkey sauces.
Smoked duck, pork knuckles, pasta, chicken salad and mozerella ball salad with fresh olives and tomatoes.
For dessert, we had awfully Chocolate log cake, fruit cake, jelly and fruits!
Can you smell the fresh pine from the tree? :) The other highlight of the night was giving out pressies under the Christmas tree. And every family received a Christmas stollen to bring home.

Photo with the extended family! Aunt Hannah is seated holding her doggie!
Thanks Aunt Hannah for hosting such wonderful Christmas dinner every year.
It's always great to catch up with the family with food!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. Wah that's a lot of food! So nice to have a thoughtful aunt :)

  2. Aunt Hannah prepared all those food all by herself???? Wow! She even have tag for dish and sauce! Hats off to her!

    She has real Christmas tree? I so want to have one at home but I dun want to keep changing water (if tts needed) or sweep pines off the floor every day =) Looks like you pple had loads of fun!

    1. Haha! She did have her daughter to help out this year. Past recent years she did so all by herself because her children were out stationed. Amazing ya? :) And yeah her tree is live tree. Didn't check if the base required water :p But the scent of pine adds an extra touch at home.

  3. I am admiring and drooling... It must a wonderful get-together for the family~! [btw, pictures are up to standard;)]

  4. Wow what a treat! Hope you had a lovely time catching up with your family! :)

    1. yeah a wonderful treat for everyone present! :)

  5. WAH!!!! I swear I salivated. The potato salad and the smoked duck!! *drool*

    1. exactly Reg! I must learn to make such nice potato salad too.

  6. Your spread looks YUMMILICIOUS!!!! I wish I was there! :p

  7. OMG the food looks so yummy make me hungry just looking at it =)


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