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I am on a blogging hiatus as I would like to focus on my jewelry craft work. Hence, I will not be taking in requests for reviews of any nature in the future. If you do have queries on my jewelry work instead, please get in touch via email : oon.adeline@gmail.com

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Updates In My Undertakings + Christmas Special For My Readers

I have been really swamped with jewelry orders that I have gone on a long hiatus on my blog. Plus with a recent private fair at a financial institution which saw an opportunity for me to showcase my wares, kept me even busier on the jewelry front. Geez, I didn't even find time to share much about my maiden feature in a cook book! 

This is a snippet of the front and back cover of the cookbook which is already available for sale at local major bookstores, as well as in Malaysia. You may recognize some, if not all of the mom/recipe bloggers featured in this book! A compilation of 50 favorite home cooked recipes from the 10 of us!

A snippet of my little booth set up at the fair which I shared on my Instagram account.
As we count down to Christmas that is happening in 26 days, my hands are ever constantly busy with a heavier load at this time of year. Even my shoulders, back and eyes are facing some kind of hullabaloo which I am choosing to ignore until my work is fulfilled. And then maybe I will go for a nice massage! *wink*

Speaking of Christmas, have you already been shopping for gifts to your loved ones or perhaps, for an office gift exchange program? If you are still stuck with ideas, jewelry pieces could be your better choice for the ladies. 

Christmas Special, Specially For My Readers
Suede Collection

The above suede collection is now available at my Facebook page and will be gift packed nicely, ready for your Christmas gifting. 

The current special for this collection on my Facebook page is 'For every 2 nett priced pieces purchased, receive 50% for the 3rd item* (*the least priced item will enjoy the 50% discount)' 

BUT (I cannot stress enough of this important BUT) if you are reading this, and wish to get a gift from this collection, just PM me on Adeline's Loft facebook page, mention that you read this post to enjoy this special instead :

For every 2 nett priced pieces purchased, receive the 3rd item with my compliments.  
(*the least priced item will be the complimentary piece)

How is that for helping you with a budget and with the spirit of giving this Christmas? :)

The designs on sale are very VERY limited so it's only while stocks last. 

And by the way, if you don't find anything suitable and wish to customize a jewelry piece from me, do know that 9th December will be the last day that I am accepting orders in time for Christmas. Customization pieces for necklaces or bracelets will start from $26 onwards, depending on final choice of components and earrings from $16 onwards.

I look forward to your support on local handmade this Christmas.

Till the next post, have a wonderful day!

Absolutely Me,

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