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Friday, September 7, 2012

[Recipe] Oyako-Don.

I had a full packed day. Didn't do my grocery shopping. And had ZERO clue what to cook for dinner. This happens to me a lot of the time. 

I decided to cook a no-brainer one dish meal and tried something in the line of oyako-don.

So I cooked my rice, went to the grocers and was back home within 20 minutes.
Here's my ingredients :
- 2 pcs of boneless chicken thigh
- a small packet of shitake mushrooms
- one large onion
- 3 medium eggs, beaten
- 1 rice bowl of sweet corn
- 1tbsp chopped garlic
- 2 tbsp oyster sauce
- 1 tbsp teriyaki sauce
- 2 tbsp mirin (sweet cooking sauce)
- 1 tbsp corn flour 
- 1/2 cube of chicken stock
- approx. 1 rice bowl water
- pepper and salt to taste

Method :

- slice the chicken into bite sized pieces and marinade it with oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, corn flour and some pepper. Set aside for a while to let the flavors set into the meat.
- When ready to cook, stir fry garlic and onions. 
- Once onions are soft, put in the chicken and fry till half cooked.
- Add the mushrooms, sweet corn, mirin sauce and chicken stock.
- Add water and leave it to cook for about 20-30 mins.
- You could do a taste test at this point, to adjust if its too salty or too bland for your liking.
- Add the eggs and let it cook for another minute or two.
- Serve it on top of your rice bowl.

Images captured with my iphone.

Well of course, we cannot forego the seaweed topping on the dish that makes it even more authentic! And I pan-fried some breaded scallops for the kids as side dish.

Nothing fancy - just a simple home cooked meal we enjoyed.
Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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  1. looks like such a delicious meal cooked with love :) I never had oyako don with corn before.. gotta try that!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Wah!! Nice leh... Will you be my mummeh?

    1. Ok. Tomorrow drop by my place with ang pow. I'll prepare hojicha for you to offer me. :p

  3. Can we pop by ur place and u cook this for us? DinoEgg will love u n give u hugs n kisses!


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