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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[Recipe] Grilled Squid in Teriyaki Sauce & Ginger Paste

I had been meaning to have my grilled sotong (or squid or ika) fix from home, for the longest time. Whenever someone mentions cumi cumi bakar, an Indonesian grilled squid dish, I just go completely weak in the knees! But just before I venture into grilling the sotong in the cumi bakar way, I decided to experiment on the sauces I have in my refrigerator - teriyaki sauce and with another surprise ingredient - ginger paste*! I love how it added a flavorful zest in the grilled squid!

*The ginger paste I've used is one that is concocted for the samsui chicken in Soup Restaurant. So there are additional flavors in the bottle that helps enhance the taste of the squid. It is also completely optional to use ginger paste for this.*

Be prepared for an out of this world aroma from grilling squids!

Ingredients you need are :
- 2 medium sized squid (approx.7" in body length)
- 3 tbsp teriyaki sauce (I used store bought)
- 1 tbsp ginger paste (store bought)
- a little cooking oil for grilling

1) First up, clean the squids. Here's how to do it.
2) Make slits on the squid, about 1.5cm apart, without completely cutting the rings. This way the rings are intact and will look better in presentation when it's served.
3) Pat dry.
4) Marinade the squid with the teriyaki sauce and ginger paste. Put it in a ziplock bag and let the flavors set into the squid. Anytime between an hour or two.

5) I've used a griddle pan (not shown) for this. Using medium fire, heat up the pan with very little oil on the pan.
6) Place the squids into the pan with all the remaining marinade from the bag.
7) Grill the squid for about 4-5 minutes.
8) Turn the other side and grill for about the same amount of time. Lower the fire if need to.
9) Continue to grill and turn the squid to get an even color, for another 2-3 minutes. A little char is nice!
10) Remove from pan and glaze the squid with more teriyaki sauce, if you like.
11) Serve while it's still hot and enjoy a chewingly good time!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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