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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Key to an SAHM's Sanity

Of all the jobs in the world, they say a stay-at-home-mom's (SAHM) job is the toughest one. We are expected to run the household and multi-task. Nothing can prepare us for this job. We learn to go with the flow (not exactly smooth ones) and are expected to wear many hats at home. We help ourselves solve specific tasks, as much as possible. Those without external help would know what I mean. It's not so much of physical tiredness. It's just.... emotionally draining.

The many sleepless nights with my bubs at this stage, as I was nursing both of them concurrently.
Having been a SAHM for the last 13 years, there are possibly many things that I could have done to better manage my well-being, IF I had known better. Opportunities to manage the burnout feeling I felt at the end of the day was too insignificant to remember that I am being appreciated at home. I was an angry, grouchy and emotional mom in the earlier years. My identity was lost until my children went to school. Only then I could find a little bit more time to myself to pursue my interests.

Selfies did exist in the year 2004! :p

So listen up, all you new SAHMs out there, especially with the younger bubs who are not yet in school. This is really really important to have.

Looking back, I think it would have been perfectly alright to ask for some time off, to remember there is a 'me'. Moms are the reason for the existence of our children and I don't see why SAHMs should not take regular healthy time-offs to recharge and be energized. Wouldn't it be nice to go home feeling ready to face new challenges and embrace our family with a more loving and positive mind?

So whether you can squeeze in some time off to have a meal alone (without having to eat leftovers), get a hair wash at your neighborhood salon, bake a cake - anything that will make you feel on top of the world. Do it. You will appreciate yourself more. Your family would too.

Here's a recent photo of us enjoying each others' company! When they are older, things get much easier despite teenage angst. That's another story for another day. :)

  Till the next post, have a blessed week!

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Pauline, a mother-of-two, a home cook, a baker and a crafter. She has been a SAHM for almost 7 years now and she’s still enjoying every minute of being one. Days with the children, to her, are never dull and having a hobby or something interesting to be kept busy with makes life so much more easier. Beyond her interest in cooking, baking and sewing, blogging keeps her sane as she shares with many like-minded moms about her struggles, moments of pride and everything in between, so visit her blog tomorrow to find out more!

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  1. Having a meal, and not eating leftovers! LOL yes! Getting hair washed at salon! OMG I love that! Grouchy and angry.... oh dear that sounds like me on some days :(

    1. Grouchy and angry sounds like me too... on PMS days. :p


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