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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When Your Husband Has A Car, The Wife Should Learn To Drive

Never ever never ever ever, did I imagine I would be a driver. From young, my slogan was "I will always be the one chauffeured around". I wouldn't even think it possible picturing myself to be behind the wheels.

I remember one day 11 years ago, when I was having a casual conversation with the hubs, he asked me :
"What if one day, I fall terribly ill in the middle of the night and I can't drive myself to the hospital?"

That got me motivated to learn driving almost in an instant because this kind of scenario is very real. It got me thinking that surely, I can be relied upon in time of such needs especially when it's was just us and my toddler son living together.

Confession : I failed basic theory FOUR times.
I failed advance theory TWICE.

However, I am very thankful that I was able to get my license on my first test within a period of about 6 months. I remember the first person I called was my dad. And I told him, "there's a new hell driver on the loose!" Even though I couldn't see, I could feel him beaming with pride over the phone.

Yes, the other reason. SHOPPING! :p

So to all the wives out there, it's never too late to learn to drive especially if your husband already owns a car. It is one of the most useful skills in life.

And not forgetting, you will enjoy some "me time" while at it. :p

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  1. Yah...I passed my practical driving test on my 2nd attempt & enjoy the freedom of driving now :)

    1. I can imagine you in a convertible, wearing sunglasses and wind blowing in your hair, enjoying the drive. :p

  2. I first took my driving test when I was 16 (auto) and failed.. only passed the 2nd time around in a manual car .. irony!!

    1. Wah 16! I though minimum age was 18 to take the test!

  3. super like this ! gonna show my sis who also believe that she will only be chauffeured around. I love driving...it's liberating :)

  4. I passed in Australia, hahaha. The parallel parking there is super easy, so come back to Singapore, I don't know how and don't dare to parallel park!

  5. You know if Brian asks me that... guess what my answer will be?

  6. Actually, if my hub is so ill that warrants a visit to the hospital, I don't think I'll be calm enough to drive him there. I'll probably be stricken with worry and anxiety that it's better to call a cab instead. At least I don't have to worry about finding a parking lot & save myself the hassle of parking! Hee hee

    1. I think ultimately, it's about being able to drive my family around when my husband is away. There's always cases when kids are ill and chaperoning them etc. Otherwise, quite a waste to leave the car in the parking lot too! :p

  7. I took my driving test last year too! Thinking it would be much more convenient if I need to drive our son around or in times of need. Alas! I drive so infrequently, and only to the neighbourhood area.
    Prefer to be the passenger than driver with my husband in the car.


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