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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Stylo Mylo Mamas - The Makeover By Style Essence + Giveaway

Singapore Mom Bloggers turned one-year-old in the month of March 2013! 

In celebration of this successful initiation, founded by Rachel of Catch Forty Winks, our mom bloggers were invited to a makeover session hosted by Florinda, founder and style coach of Style Essence. Florinda is also herself, a mom blogger!

We were welcomed to finger food treats by our host and separately,  The Shepherd's Pie too celebrated with us with their sponsored pies, before we started our session.
We were all subtly reminded that grooming plays an important role to our well-being. More so as mothers, there is certainly no excuses to not look good when we go out. Even the simple adornment of lifestyle necklaces do play a part in bringing out your look. I do agree, it does boost one's confidence when you feel good about yourself. Isn't confidence a very sexy virtue?

 So, I learned that I have a pear shaped body. All the while, I thought I was just a big blop of apple!

What is your color? Hmmm... I am mostly black, with a touch of red, pink and purple. Wow. I DO have split personalities!
That's Florinda (behind), our charismatic style coach and founder of Style Essence, enjoying a comical moment with Liza who blogs at Mother of Xander. In this segment, we were individually invited up to be determined if our skin tone suits  'warm' or 'cool' color categories.

I'm happy to know that I belong to the 'cool' category because the colors are so my colors!
 Then came the awaited moment - the hands on session on our glorious faces! We started with lessons on the proper ways to good skin care regime.

Goofing around with my camera after I was done plastering my mask and oops! Caught Madeline from Mad Pschy Mum in the background! The reason for the mask only applied on half of the face is so that we can compare the difference from the other half after it has been cleaned off. And yes, of course there was a big difference! The masked side of the face was visibly firmer and smoother than the other! I was really impressed with the immediate result.

I was also goofing around taking "artistic shots" of my fellow mom blogger sidekick seated beside me - Regina from Mummymoo. And yes, she still looked fabulous in this photo with half the mask on!

Then came the moment we were waiting for - the makeup session!

After Florinda shared with us the steps and choice of products to use in order to achieve a flawless made up face, we got down to work - very diligently I must say.

Feeling confident after our make up was done! (L to R) Susan from A Juggling Mom, Regina, Me!, Pamela from Tan Family Chronicles, Adora from The Gingerbread Mum and PC from Scrap Mum Loft.
Ta-da! Took a shot of myself on my phone for a before and after look. Pretty pleased to see a dull-looking-pockmarked-face-me turned into a fresh faced and looking-a-tad-younger-looking-me. I am definitely convinced it was the foundation primer that fixed everything on my face!

Random shots of a few ladies I managed to take photos with my phone - [clockwise] Regina, Florinda, Liza and Susan.
Love the take-home gifts, specially packed for our blogger moms who attended the session.

And before we ended the night, we took a group photo to mark the occasion. All the pretty mamas in 2 rows!
Clockwise from left to right : Bernadette (trainer), Susan, Sandra, Regina, me!, Madeline, PC, Florinda, Adora, Pamela, Liza, Estella and Jiahui.

 It was a memorable and fun night out with this group of ladies, whom I've gotten to know through my blogging journey.

Special thanks again to Rachel and Florinda for arranging this workshop for all of us to enjoy and look good for ourselves!

Just leave me a short comment on this blog post on why you should win a makeover workshop pass, with your name and email contact. Winners will be drawn randomly, announced on my FB fan page (please like if you haven't already) and will be contacted directly by Style Essence for your scheduled workshop date.

Closing date : 12 April 2013 (Friday) 3pm
-This giveaway is open to those residing in Singapore only.

Do also hop by our sponsor's website and connect with them through the various social media for style updates, tips and tricks!

Facebook - Style Essence
Instagram - stylessencesg
Blog - www.styleessencesg.wordpress.com

Here's to more great SMB birthday celebrations to come!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored workshop. I am in no way affiliated with the company nor compensated in monetary form. All opinions are entirely my own.


Congratulations to the first 3 names in this list! You have just won yourself a complimentary pass for this makeover workshop! Style Essence will be contacting you to schedule a workshop. 
Thank you everyone for taking part!

Till the next post, have a blessed week!


  1. Wah I didn't even realise that you caught me on camera! Haha. Nice shot though ;)

  2. the workshop seems really very cool and full of fun!!! you look really good after the makeover!! Made me realised how much we had changed after becoming a mom.... florinda inspired us to continue to look good isnt it? :)

    i wished i was there too if not for my any time going to pop soon tummy..

    wonder if the pass to the makeover workshop has expiry? haha, i think i should attend florinda's workshop at least trying to slim down more after delivery and confinement!

  3. I am going back to work soon after my third boy. High time to pretty up to put my best face forward!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Carol! Are you taking part in the giveaway? If so, please state your email address so that we can get in touch with you. Thanks!

  4. Oops, forgot to leave my email. cmeilim@gmail.com

  5. Hi Adeline,

    My bro is getting married soon. I just got a new hairstyle to get ready for that event! A makeover will complement perfectly. (:


    1. my email is psfamile@gmail.com

  6. I would like to look like a hawt mama and debunk the myth that mums are frumpy! :D

    Alicia Tan beanienus(at)gmail.com

  7. Hi, having been a SAHM for some time makes me forget the importance of dressing up.
    The workshop would be helpful to giving me a start to improve my current 'auntie' dressing and look. kwek_ce@yahoo.com

  8. Thank you for the post! Seems so fun!
    I am going back to work and I hope others will see a new me and not a haggard mom!


  9. Would love to take part! I've been veering towards the shorts n t-shirt mommy ever since I became an SAHM, plus my hair is literally "out-of-bed" hairstyle!


  10. Its about time I switch ftom frumpy to fabulous :-D


  11. I have been spending time on my 2 kids and I think its time for myself to dress up and look good in order to carry myself confidently :)

  12. Time to have some me time !


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